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Title Time, consumption and everyday life : practice, materiality and culture / edited by Elizabeth Shove, Frank Trentmann and Richard Wilk.
Published Oxford ;New York : Berg, 2009
Detail xiii, 236 p. : ill. ; 25 cm
Added Author Shove, Elizabeth. Everyday Practice and the Production and Consumption of Time
  Schatzki, Ted. Timespace and the Organization of Social Life
  Shove, Elizabeth, 1959-
  Southerton, Dale. Re-ordering Temporal Rhythms :Coordinating Daily Practices in the UK in 1937 and 2000
  Trentmann, Frank
  Trentmann, Frank. Disruption in Normal :Blackouts, Breakdowns and the Elasticity of Everyday Life
  Wilk, Richard R
  O'Dell, Tom My Soul for a Seat :Commuting and the Routines of Mobility
  Ehn, Billy. Routines-Made and Unmade
  Lofgren, Orvar. Routines-Made and Unmade
  Moskowitz, Marina Calendars and Clocks :Cycles of Horticultural Commerce in Nineteenth-Century America
  Gronow, Jukka Fads, Fashions and 'Real' Innovations :Novelties and Social Change
  Wilk, Richard. Edge of Agency :Routines, Habits and Volition
  Miller, Daniel. Buying Time
  Daniels, Inge. Seasonal and Commercial Rhythms of Domestic Consumption :A Japanes Case Study
  Ger, Guliz. Special and Ordinary Times :Tea in Motion
  Kravets, Olga. Special and Ordinary Times :Tea in Motion
  Jalas, Mikko. Making Time :Reciprocal Object Relations and the Self-legitimizing Time of Wooden Boating
  Slater, Don. Ethics of Routine :Consciousness, Tedium and Value
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