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Title Globalization : the greatest hits, a global studies reader / edited by Manfred B. Steger.
Published Boulder : Paradigm Publishers, c2010
Detail vi, 320 p. : ill. ; 24 cm
Added Author Levitt, Theodore. Globalization of markets
  Appadurai, Arjun. Disjuncture and difference in the global cultural economy
  Steger, Manfred B., 1961-
  Giddens, Anthony. Globalization of modernity
  Robertson, Roland. Mapping the global condition
  Hirst, Paul. Globalization :A Necessary Myth?
  Thompson, Grahame. Globalization :A Necessary Myth?
  Hardt, Paul. Preface to Empire
  Negri, Antonio. Preface to Empire
  Sasen, Saskia. Global city model
  Altman, Dennis. Globalization of sexual identities
  Stiglitz, Joseph. Promise of global institutions
  Kaldor, Mary. Five meanings of global civil society
  Roy, Olivier. Al Qaeda and the new terrorists
  Steger, Manfred B. From market globalism to imperial globalism: ideology and American power after 9/11
  Diamond, Jared. World as a polder: What does it all mean to us today?
  Moghadam, Valentine. Spectre that haunts the global economy?: the challenge of global feminism
  James, Paul. Arguing globalizations: propositions towards an investigation of global formation
  Davis, Mike. Urban climacteric
  Castells, Manuel. New public sphere: global civil society, communication networks, and global governance
  Smith, Jackie. Globalization and the emergence of the world social forums
  Karides, Marina. Globalization and the emergence of the world social forums
  McNeill, William H. Globalization: long term process or new era in human affairs?
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