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Title A history of Russian philosophy 1830-1930 : faith, reason, and the defense of human dignity / edited by G.M. Hamburg and Randall A. Poole.
Published Cambridge, UK ;New York : Cambridge University Press, 2010
Detail xv, 423 p. ; 24 cm
Added Author Horujy, Sergey. Slavophiles, Westernizers, and the birth of Russian philosophical Humanism
  Offord, Derek. Alexander Herzen
  Frede, Victoria S. Materialism and the radical intelligentsia :the 1860s
  Nemeth, Thomas. Russian ethical humanism :from populism to neo-idealism
  Hamburg, G.M. Boris Chicherin and human dignity in history
  Hamburg, Gary M
  Poole, Randall Allen, 1964-
  Poole, Randall A. Vladimir Solv'ev's philosophical anthropology :autonomy, dignity, perfectibility
  Scanlan, James P. Russian Panpsychism :Kozlov, Lopatin, Losskii
  Valliere, Paul. Russian cosmodicy :Sergei Bulgakov's religious philosophy
  Cassedy, Steven. Pavel Florenskii's trinitarian humanism
  Swoboda, Philip J. Semen Frank's expressivist humanism
  Rosenthal, Bernice Glatzer. Religious humanism in the Russian Silver Age
  Nethercott, Frances. Russian liberalism and the philosophy of law
  Bird, Robert. Imagination and ideology in the new religious consciousness
  Kornblatt, Judith Deutsch. Eschatology and hope in Silver Age thought
  Walicki, Andrzej. Russian Marxism
  Grier, Philip T. Adventures in dialectic and intuition :Shpet, Il'in, Losev
  Finkel, Stuart. Nikolai Berdiaev and the philosophical tasks of the emigration
  Beisswenger, Martin. Eurasianism :affirming the person in an "era of faith"
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