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Title Gendered fields : women, men, and ethnography / edited by Diane Bell, Pat Caplan, and Wazir Jahan Karim.
Published New York : Routledge, 2004
Edition Tranferrred ti digital printing
Detail xiii, 260 p. : ill., maps ; 25 cm
Added Author Bell, Diane, 1943-
  Bell, Diane. Yes Yirginia, there is a feminist ethnography :reflectiions from three Australian fields
  Caplan, Patricia
  Macintyre, Martha. Fictive kinship or mistaken identity? Fieldwork on Tubetube Island, Papua New Guinea
  Abramson, Allen. Between autobiography and method :being male, seeing myth and the analysis of structures of gender and sexuality in the eastern interior of Fiji
  Wazir-Jahan Begum Karim
  Karim, Wazir Jahan. With moyang melur in Carey Island :more endangered, more engendered
  Hutheesing, Otome Klein. Facework of a female elder in a Lisu field, Thailand
  Rudie, Ingrid. Hall of mirrors :autonomy translated over time in Malaysia
  Moore, Lisa. Among Khmer and Vietnamese refugee women in Thailand :no safe place
  Ganesh, Kamala. Breaching the wall of difference :fieldwork and a personal journey to Srivaikuntam, Tamilnadu
  Schrijvers, Joke. Motherhood experienced and conceptualised :changing images in Sri Lanka and the Netherlands
  Vera-Sanso, Penny. Perception, east and west :a Madras encounter
  Caplan, Pat. Learning gender :fieldwork in a Tanzanian coastal village, 1965-85
  Amadiume, Ifi. Mouth that spoke a falsehood will later-speak the truth :going home to the field in Eastern Nigeria
  Wade, Peter. Sexuality and masculinity in fieldwork among Colombian blacks
  Back, Les. Gendered participation :masculinity and fieldwork in a south London adolescent community
  O'Brien, Oonagh. Sisters, parents, neighbours, friends :reflections on fieldwork in North Catalonia (France)
  Karim, Wazir Jahan. Epilogue :the 'nativised' self and the 'native'
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