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Title A reader in medical anthropology : theoretical trajectories, emergent realities / edited by Byron J. Good ... [et al.].
Published Chichester, West Sussex, UK ;Malden, Mass. : Wiley-Blackwell, 2010
Detail xiv, 559 p. : ill. ; 26 cm
Added Author Good, Byron
  Rivers, W.H.R. Massage in Melanesia
  Evans-Pritchard, E. E. Notion of Witchcraft Explanins Unfortunate Events
  Turner, Victor. Muchona the Hornet, Interpreter of Religion
  Hallowell, Irving A. Ojibwa Self and Its Behavioral Environment
  Virchow, Rudolf. Charity Physician
  Paul, Benjamin. Role of Beliefs and Customs in Sanitation Programs
  Leslie, Charles. Introduction to Asian Medical Systems
  Good, Byron J. Medical Anthropology and the Problem of Belief
  Kleinman, Arthur M. Medicine's Symbolic Reality :On a Central Problem in the Philosophy of Medicine
  Csordas, Thomas J. Elements of Charismatic Persuasion and Healing
  Corin, Ellen. Thickness of Being :Intentional Worlds, Strategies of Indentity, and Experience Among Schizophrenics
  Mattingly, Cheryl. Concept of Therapeutic 'Emplotment'
  Jackson, Michael. Myths/Histories/Lives
  Jenkins, Janis Hunter. State Construction of Affect :Political Ethos and Mental Health Among Salvadoran Refugees
  Desjarlais, Robert. Struggling Along :The Possibilities for Experience among the Homeless Mentally Ill
  Rhodes, Lorna A. Dreaming of Psychiatric Citizenship :A Case Study of Supermax Confinement
  Petryna, Adriana. Biological Citizenship :The Science and Politics of Chernobyl-Exposed Populations
  Biehl, Joao. Human Pharmakon :Symptoms, Technologies, Subjectivities
  Das, Veena. Figure of the Abducted Woman :The Citizen as Sexed
  Ticktin, Miriam. Where Ethics and Politics Meet :The Violence of Humanitarianism in France
  Good, Mary-Jo Delvechio. Medical Imaginary and the Biotechnical Embrace :Subjective Experiences of Clinical Scientists and Patients
  Cohen, Lawrence. Where It Hurts :Indian Material for an Ethics of Organ Transplantation
  Sanal, Aslihan. "Robin Hood" of Techno-Turkey or Organ Trafficking in the State of Ethical Beings
  Inhorn, Marcia C. Quest for Conception :Gender, Infertility, and Egyptina Medical Traditions
  Kim, Jim Yong. AID in 2006 :Moving toward One World, One Hope?
  Farmer, Paul. AID in 2006 :Moving toward One World, One Hope?
  Fischer, Michael M.J. Dr.Judah Folkman's Decalogue and Network Analysis
  Rheinberger, Hans-Jorg. Beyond Nature and Culture :Modes of Reasoning in the Age of Molecular Biology and Medicine
  Landecker, Hannah. Immortality, In Vitro :A History of the HeLa Cell Line
  Dumit, Joseph. Digital Image of the Category of the Person
  Rajan, Kaushik Sunder. Experimental Values :Indian Clinical Trials and Surplus Health
  Foster, George M. Medical Anthropology and International Health Planning
  Janes, Craig R. Anthropology and Global Health
  Corbett, Kitty K. Anthropology and Global Health
  Pimpawun Boonmongkon. Mot Luuk Problems in Northeast Thailand :Why Women's Own Health Concerns Matter as Much as Disease Rates
  Nichter, Mark. Mot Luuk Problems in Northeast Thailand :Why Women's Own Health Concerns Matter as Much as Disease Rates
  Farmer, Paul. New Malaise :Medical Ethics and Social Rights in the Global Era
  Fassin, Didier. Humanitarianism as a Politics of Life
  Good, Byron J. Amuk in Java :Madness and Violence in Indonesian Politics
  Good, Mary-Jo DelVecchio. Amuk in Java :Madness and Violence in Indonesian Politics
  James, Erica. Political Economy of 'Trauma' in Haiti in the Democratic Era of Insecurity
  Pandolfi, Mariella. Contract of mutual (In) Difference :Governance and the Humanitarian Apparatus in Contemporary Albania and Kosovo
  Willen, Sarah S. Darfur through a Shoah Lens :Sudanese Asylum Seekers, Unruly Biopolitical Dramas, and the Politics of Humanitarian Compassion in Israel
  Garcia, Angela. Elegiac Addicet :History, Chronicity, and the Melancholic Subject
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