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Title Southeast Asia / edited by John G. Taylor and Andrew Turton.
Published New York : Monthly Review Press, 1988
Detail xi, 280 p. ; 22 cm
Added Author Ganjanapan, Anan. Strategies for Control of Labor in Sharecropping and Tenancy Arrangements
  Hewison, Kevin. State and Capitalist Development in Thailand
  Hui, Lim Mah. Contradictions in the Development of Malay Capital :State, Accumulation and Legitimation
  Ileto, Reynaldo C. Toward a History from Below
  Kahn, Joel S. Ideology and Social Structure in Indonesia
  Long, Ngo Vinh. Agrarian Differentiation in the Southern Region of Vietnam
  Maganon, Esteban T. Kalinga History and Historical Consciousness
  Mather, Celia. Subordination of Women and Lack of Industrial Strife in West Java
  Mirza, Hafiz. Peripheral Intermediation :Singapore and the Emerging International Economic Order
  Pineda-Ofreneo, Rosalinda. Philippine Domestic Outwork :Subcontracting for Export-oriented Industries
  Robison, Richard. Transformation of the State in Indonesia
  Scott, James C. Rituals of Compassion and Social Control
  Stoler, Ann L. Rice Harvesting in Kali Loro :A Study of Class and Labor Relations in Rural Java
  Tapp, Nicholas. Hmong-Political Economy of an Illegal Crop
  Taylor, John G., 1947-
  Taylor, John G. Introduction
  Taylor, Robert H. Undeveloped State :The Study of Modern Burma's Politics
  Turton, Andrew
  Turton, Andrew. Ideological Commodity Production
  Turton, Andrew. Introduction
  Uchibori, Motomitsu. Transformatios of Iban Social Consciousness
  von Geusau, Leo Alting Akha Internal History: Marginalization of the Ethnic Alliance System
  White, Christine Pelzer. Socialist Transformation of Agriculture and Gender Relations :The Vietnamese Case
  Yun, Hing Ai. Wage Labor in West Malaysia :A Study of Five Factories
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