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Title The Tai Khamtis of the North-East / Compiled with an introduction by Lila Gogoi ; with a foreword by Maheswar Neog.
Author Gogoi, Lila
Published New Delhi : Omsons Publications, 1989
Edition 2nd rev. and enl. ed
Detail xliv, 374 p., [15] leaves of plates : ill., map ;23 cm
Added Author Gogoi, P. The Tai : Their Origin and Branchea
  Pemberton, R.B. An Outline History of Pong
  Dalton, E.T. The History of the Khamtis
  Mackenzie, A. A Short note on the Khamtis
  Grierson, G.A. The History of the Tai and their Language
  C.I.R., 1881. A Short note on the Khamtis
  C.I.R., 1891. The Khamtis in Assam
  Hanny, S.F. The Shans of Burma and Assam
  Scott, George. The Shans of Bruma
  Leach, E.R. The Khamtis and the Shans of Burma.
  Gohain, U.N. The Khamtis and other Buddhist Tribes in Assam
  Lewis, C.C. The Shans and the Karens of Burma
  Anonymous. The Khamtis and Their Kinsman
  Robinson, W. The Khamtis and Their Neighbours
  Martin, M. The Noras and The Khamtis
  Gurdon, P.R. On the Khamtis
  Shakespear, L.W. The Khamtis
  Shakespear, L.W. Tribes on Bruma Border
  Kondinya. Buuhism Among the Khamtis
  Dalton, E.T. Religion and Culture of the Khamtis
  Kondinya. Monasticism in the khamti Society
  Cooper, T.T. The Khamti Religion
  Gohain, U.N. The Tai Characteriistic and their Art and Culture
  Michell, John F. The Bor Khamtis
  Elwin, V. The Art and Craft of the Khamtis
  Butler, J. The Khamtis as Warrior
  Cooper, T.T. The House of the Virgins
  Gray, J.E. The Art of Opium Smoking
  Robinson, W. The Khamtis and their Craft
  Bhuyan, S.K. The Khamti Chief Chowsalan Sadiyakhowa Gohain
  Lahiri, R.M. Annexation of the Khamti Country
  Banerjee, A.C. Sadiya, the Headquarter of the Khamtis
  Mackenzie, A. Khamti-Singpho Relations
  Micell, J.F. The Khamtis and the Singphos
  Barpujari, H.K. Letters Written to the Khamti Raja
  Gait, Edward. Early Khamti-British Relations
  Gray, J.E. An Interview with a Khamti Raja
  Micell, J.F. A Diary of the Military Operations in the Singpho Khamti Country
  Cooper, T.T. Inveterate Traders
  Pemberton, R.B. The Khamtis of Sadiya and their Trade
  Gohain, U.N. the Khamtis Myth and their Origin
  Macgregor, C.R. The Legendary Origin of the Khamtis
  Grierson, G.A. The Tai Language, A General Discussion
  Grierson, G.A. The Mutual Relationship of the Tai Languages of Assam
  Grierson, G.A. The Khamtis Language
  Grierson, G.A. The Tai and their Languages
  Dalton, E.T. A List of a few Tai Words
  Grierson, G.A. A List of Words in the Tai Language
  Gogoi, Lila. A List of English-Ahom-Khamti-Phakiyal Words
  Devi, L. Ahom-Khamti Relations
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