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Title Historical Anthropology / edited by Saurabh Dube.
Published New York : Oxford, 2011
Edition 2nd impression
Detail xiv, 435 p. : 16 cm
Added Author Banerjee-Dube, Ishita. Readin Time
  Cohn, Bernard Cloth, Clothes, and Colonialism
  Das, Veena. Time, Self, and Community
  Dirks, Nicholas The Policing of Tradition
  Dube, Saurabh edited
  Dube, Saurabh A Contested Past
  Dube, Saurabh Introduction Anthrology, History, Historical Anthropology
  Gold, Ann Grodzins. Shoes
  Greenough, Paul. Famine
  Guha, Ranajit. Negation
  Gujar, Bhoju Ram. Shoes
  Jain, Ravindra K Genealogy and Legend
  Kasturi, Malavika. Rebellion
  Kelly, John D. Gaze and Grasp
  Mayaram, Shail. Partition and Violence
  Pandey, Gyanendra. The Bigoted Julaha
  Singh, K. Suresh (Kumar Suresh) 1935-. The Making of a Prophet
  Sivaramakrishnan, K. Geographies of Empire
  Skaria, Ajay Wildness : Livelihood, Kinship, and Gender
  Sundar, Nandini. The Dialectics of Dussehra
  Tarlo, Emma. Is Khadi the Solution?
  Veer, Peter van der. The Moral State
  Visvanathan, Susan Reconstructions of the Past
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