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Title Haunted by empire : geographies of intimacy in North American history / edited by Ann Laura Stoler.
Published Durham : Duke University Press, 2006
Detail xvii, 544 p. : ill. ; 24 cm
Added Author Stoler, Ann Laura. Intimidations of empire : predicaments of the tactile and unseen
  Stoler, Ann Laura. Tense and tender ties : the politics of comparison in North American history and (post) colonial studies
  Salesa, Damon. Samoa's half-castes and some frontiers of comparison
  Anderson, Warwick. States of hygiene : race "improvement" and biomedical citizenship in Australia and the colonial Philippines
  Shah, Nayan. Adjudicating intimacies on U.S. frontiers
  Dawdy, Shannon Lee. Proper caresses and prudent distance : a how-to manual from colonial Louisiana
  Miles, Tiya. "His kingdom for a kiss" : Indians and intimacy in the narrative of John Marrant
  Stoler, Ann Laura
  Lowe, Lisa. Intimacies of four continents
  Brown, Kathleen. Body work in the antebellum United States
  Hodes, Martha. Fractions and fictions in the United States census of 1890
  Wexler, Laura. Fair ensemble : Kate Chopin in St. Louis in 1904
  Miller, Gwenn A. "The perfect mistress of Russian economy" : sighting the intimate on a colonial Alaskan terrain, 1784-1821
  Stern, Alexandra Minna. Empire of tests : psychometrics and the paradoxes of nationalism in the Americas
  Briggs, Laura. Making "American" families : transnational adoption and U.S. Latin America policy
  Kramer, Paul A. Darkness that enters the home : the gender politics of prostitution during the Philippine-American war
  Rosenberg, Emily S. Ordering others : U.S. financial advisers in the early twentieth century
  Gordon, Linda. Internal colonialism and gender
  Hall, Catherine. Commentary
  Cott, Nancy F. Afterword
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