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Title Gender inequality : feminist theories and politics / Judith Lorber.
Author Lorber, Judith
Published New York : Oxford University Press, 2010
Edition 4th ed
Detail x, 326 p. ; 24 cm
Added Author Epstein, Cynthia Fuchs. Theory of Female Subordination
  Jacobs, Jerry A. Integrating Family and Work in the 21st Century
  Gerson, Kathleen. Integrating Family and Work in the 21st Century
  Acker, Joan. Theorizing Racial and Gendered Class
  Glenn, Evelyn Nakano. Gender, Race, and Citizenship
  McCall, Leslie. Gender and Complex Inequality
  Folbre, Nancy. Invisible Heart
  Mohanty, Chandra Talpade. Under Western Eyes at the Turn of the Century
  Blumberg, Rae Lesser. Climbing the Pyramids of Power
  Redstockings. Redstockings Manifesto
  Morgan, Robin. Goodbye to All That (#2)
  Stein, Arlene. Decentering Lesbian Feminism
  Moore, Mignon R. Lipstick or Timberlands? Gender Presentation in Black Lesbian Communities
  Chodorow, Nancy J. Freud and Feminism
  Cixous, Helene. Laugh of the Medusa
  Smith, Dorothy E. Women's Standpoint :Embodied Knowledge versus
  Harding, Sandra. Gendered Standpoints on Nature
  Collins, Patricia Hill. Black Feminism, Knowledge, and Power
  Nnaemeka, Obioma. Nego-Feminism
  Connell, R. W. Hegemonic Masculinity
  Messerschmidt, James W. Hegemonic Masculinity
  Kimmel, Michael S. Gender, Class and Terrorism
  Risman, Barbara J. Gender as a Social Structure
  Lorber, Judith. Imagining a World without Gender
  Butler, Judith. Gender, Sex, and Sexual Performativity
  Rupp, Leila J. Thinking about Drag as Social Protest
  Taylor, Verta. Thinking about Drag as Social Protest
  Henry, Astrid. Sisters vs. Daughters
  Springer, Kimberly. Third-Wave Black Feminism?
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