Title Approaches to peace : a reader in peace studies / edited by David P. Barash.
Published New York : Oxford University Press, 2010
Edition 2nd ed
Detail xi, 292 p. : ill. ; 24 cm
Added Author Barash, David P
  Freud, Sigmund. Why War?
  Lorenz, Konrad Z. On Aggression
  Mead, Margaret. Warfare is only an invention - not a biological necessity
  Hedges, Chris. War is a force that gives us meaning
  Sumner, William Graham. War and other essays
  Janis, Irving. Victims of groupthink
  Howard, Michael. Causes of war
  Galtung, Johan. Structural theory of imperialism
  Boulding, Kenneth. National images and international systems
  Klare, Michael T. Redefining Security :The New Global Schisms
  James, William. Moral equivalent of war
  Fisher, Roger. Getting to Yes
  Ury, William L. Getting to Yes
  Osgood, Charles. Disarmament demands GRIT
  Krieger, Kavid. Ten Nuclear Myths
  McCrackien, Angela. Ten Nuclear Myths
  Shultz, George P. World Free of Nuclear Weapons
  Perry, William J. World Free of Nuclear Weapons
  Schell, Jonathan. Powerful Peace
  Dumas, Lloyd J. Finding the future : the role of economic conversion in shaping the twenty-first centur
  Barash, David P. International law
  Fasulo, Linda. Insider's guide to the UN
  Huntington, Samuel P. The clash of civilizations
  Ahmad, Eqbal. Terrorism : theirs and ours
  Falk, Richard. Defining a just war
  Pape, Robert. Dying to win : the strategic logic of suicide terrorism
  Webel, Charles P. Terror : the neglected but inescapable core of terrorism
  Leopold, Aldo. The land ethic
  Gore, Al. Nobel Prize acceptance speech
  Freire, P. Pedagogy of the oppressed
  Sachs, Jeffrey. Global economic solidarity
  King, Martin Luther.Letter from a Birmingham Jail
  Barash, David P. Human Rights
  Thoreau, Henry David. Civil disobedience
  Tolstoy, Leo. Letter to Ernest Howard Crosby
  Millay, Edna St. Vincent. Conscientious objector
  Camus, Albert. Neither victims nor executioners
  Gandhi, Moohandas. Ahimsa, or the way of nonviolence
  Sharp, Gene. Civilian resistance as a national defense
  Hanh, Thich Nhat. Buddhism : being peace
  Gomaa, Ali. Islam : the meaning of jihad
  Muste, A.J. Holy disobedience
  Merton, Thomas. devout meditation in memory of Adolf Eichmann
  Boulding, Elise. Building utopias in history
  Falk, Richard. On humane governance
  Reardon, Betty A. Sexism and the war system
  Lama, Dalai. Human approach to world peace
  Johnson, Chalmers. Empire v. democracy : why nemesis is at our door
  Tutu, Desmond. No future without forgiveness
  Bonney, Victoria. Antiwar activists, where are you?
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