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Title Beyond the turnstile : making the case for museums and sustainable values / [edited by] Selma Holo & Mari-Tere Alvarez.
Published Lanham, Md. : AltaMira Press, c2009
Detail xix, 202 p. : ill. ; 26 cm
Added Author Aoun, Joseph E. International Museum Institute : origin and cause
  Holo, Selma. Crisis is a terrible thing to waste
  Holo, Selma
  Alvarez, Mari-Tere
  Anderson, Maxwell L. Museum values
  Rodriguez, Gerardo Estrada. credibility of museums
  Arango, Placido. Transmitting the legacy
  Krishtalka, Leonard. Natural history museums as sentinel observatories of life on earth : a public trust
  Barkan, Elazar. Including cultural justice in a museum's value system
  Seydl, Jon L. It's all about the permanent collection
  Brea, Leticia Azcue. Bringing our permanent collections to life
  Youkhanna, Donny George. What are we showing in our museums?
  Ortayli, Ilber. From the perspective of Turkey
  Barrios, Guillermo. Revitalization of the urban environment : a measure of the museum's social value
  Holo, Selma. Ethnic-specific museums : why they matter and how they make a difference
  Smith, Cherise. What is the relevance of museums? Can you imagine a world without them?
  Matthews, Garry. What is the relevance of museums? Can you imagine a world without them?
  Wiegel, Jay. Will museums survive?
  Walvin, James. Remembering abolition : Britain and the slave trade, 1807-2007
  Muller, Bernard. Including contmeporary art at the Musee du Quai Branley : a way of coming to terms with the colonial past a la Francaise?
  Folsom, James. Huntington's decisions about audience and service : how and where could a children's garden be brought into play?
  Monsivais, Carlos. Museums (a rapid view of guided tours) : the ruins of the future should be in shop windows
  Vitali, Vanda. Grappling with limits : museums and social inclusion
  Appiah, Anthony. Defending the universal (encyclopedic) museum
  Causey, Faya. Professional museum training programs at the National Gallery of Art : from the shores of the Potomac to a world view
  Merewether, Charles. Work in progress : cultural district, Abu Dhabi
  Errington, Shelly. Two museums, two visions of Mexican artes populares in the era of globalization
  Evans, Steven. In service to artists
  Wilson, David. Museums and creativity
  Bassols, Marco Barrera. Art and science, nature and art in a natural history museum
  Garcia, Nelly M. Robles. Creativity and experimentation in the world of archaeology
  Przybilla, Carrie. Setting precedent
  Palomero, Santiago. Alliances, new and renewed
  Albuquerque, Lita. Crossing of art and science : expanding the field
  Martinez, Ramiro. Museums and alliances/allies
  Porrua, Maria Isabel Granen. New alliances/new philanthropies : the Alfredo Harp Foundation
  Shestack, Alan. When I was a youngster
  Elkins, James. Authentic experiences
  De Avila Blomberg, Alejandro. Mezcal for the earth
  Wagensberg, Jorge. "Total" museum : a tool for social change
  Alvarez, Mari-Tere. Guernica Gernikara
  Seidel, Steven. Minds in museums : knowledge evolving
  Hiebert, Fredrik T. Afghanistan : hidden treasures from the National Museum, Kabul, and the generation and diffusion of knowledge
  Bomford, David. Art in the making : another view of art history
  De La Torre, Graciela. Interdisciplinary work and knowledge management : a dynamic for the contemporary museum
  Freudenheim, Tom. Reality check
  Vikan, Gary. Communication : one mission, one blog
  Starr, Lori. Polished edge
  Arnaldo, Javier. Texts and contexts in museology
  Davis, Elliot Bostwick. Communicating through design and display : the new American Wing at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
  Holo, Selma. Museumspace
  Alvarez, Mari-Tere. Museumspace
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