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Title National museums : new studies from around the world / edited by Simon J. Knell ... [et al.].
Published London ;New York : Routledge, 2011
Detail xx, 484 p. : ill. (chiefly col.) ; 25 cm
Added Author Knell, Simon J. National museums and the national imagination
  Aronsson, Peter. Explaining national museums : exploring comparative approaches to the study of national museums
  Preziosi, Donald. Myths of nationality
  Backstrom, Mattias. Loading guns with patriotic love : Artur Hazelius' attempts at Skansen to remake Swedish society
  Knell, Simon J
  Carter, Jennifer. Narrative and imagination : remaking national history at the Musee des monuments francais, Paris
  Whitehead, Christopher. National art museum practice as political cartography in nineteenth-century Britain
  Wingfield, Chris. Placing Britain in the British Museum : encompassing the other
  Pettersson, Susanna. Producing an art history of the nation : the origins of the Finnish National Gallery
  Kaluza, Karoline. Reimagining the nation in museums : Poland's old and new national museums
  Koksal, Ayse H. National art museums and the 'modernization' of Turkey
  Chu, Chi-Jung. Political change and the national museum in Taiwan
  Hughes, Sarah A. British Museum in print : from national to universal museum
  Afinoguenova, Eugenia. Nation disrobed : nudity, leisure and class at the Prado
  Burch, Stuart. Taking part : performance, participation and national art museums
  Mason, Rhiannon. Representing Wales at the Museum of Welsh Life
  Badica, Simina. Same exhibitions, different labels? : Romanian national museums and the fall of communism
  Choi, Sunghee. Re-thinking Korean cultural identities at the National Museum of Korea
  Varutti, Marzia. Aesthetics and narratives of national museums in China
  Van Hasselt, Gwenny. Dutch National Historical Museum : a national museum for the twenty-first century
  Runnel, Pille. Who authors the nation? : the debate surround the building of the new Estonian National Museum
  Tatsi, Taavi. Who authors the nation? : the debate surround the building of the new Estonian National Museum
  Stokes-Rees, Emily. Recounting history : constructing a national narrative in the Hong Kong Museum of History
  Scheidhauer, Ruth. Kaesong Koryo Museum : the place of one Korean nation?
  Lee, Jung Joon. National museum as palimpsest : postcolonial politics and the National Museum of Korea
  Barnes, Amy Jane. Exhibiting China in London
  Reinius, Lotten Gustafsson. Exhibiting the Congo in Stockholm
  Sharenkova, Radostina. After the fall of the Berlin Wall : nationalism and multiculturalism at Bulgarian National Ethnographic museum
  Shelby, Karen D. Ijzertoren Memorial Museum : a Flemish national museum?
  Kirwan, Alan. Postcolonialism, ethnicity and the National Museum of Ireland
  Lleras, Cristina. Facing up to diversity : conversations at the National Museum of Colombia
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