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Title The Routledge companion to philosophy and music / edited by Theodore Gracyk and Andrew Kania.
Published Abingdon, Oxon ;New York : Routledge, 2011
Detail xxiv, 654 p. : ill. ; 26 cm
Added Author Gracyk, Theodore
  Kania, Andrew
  Kania, Andrew. Definition
  Judkins, Jennifer. Silence, sound, noise, and music
  Scruton, Roger. Rhythm, melody, and harmony
  Matheson, Carl. Ontology
  Caplan, Ben. Ontology
  Davies, David. Medium
  Brown, Lee B. Improvisation
  Davies, Stephen. Notations
  Kania, Andrew. Performances and recordings
  Gracyk, Theodore. Performances and recordings
  Thom, Paul. Authentic performance practice
  Jackendoff, Ray. Music and language
  Trivedi, Saam. Music and imagination
  Huovinen, Erkki. Understanding music
  Judkins, Jennifer. Style
  De Clercq, Rafael. Aesthetic properties
  Gracyk, Theodore. Evaluating music
  Young, James O. Appropriation and hybridity
  Robinson, Jenefer. Expression theories
  Matravers, Derek. Resemblance theories
  Budd, Malcolm. Music's arousal of emotions
  Manuel, Peter. Classical aesthetic traditions of India, China, and Middle East
  Blum, Stephen. Classical aesthetic traditions of India, China, and Middle East
  Mathiesen, Thomas J. Antiquity and the Middle Ages
  Bicknell, Jeanette. Early modern period
  Roholt, Tiger C. Continental philosophy and music
  Davies, Stephen. Analytic philosophy and music
  Halliwell, Stephen. Plato
  Simon, Julia. Rousseau
  Neill, Alex. Schopenhauer
  Carvalho, John M. Nietzsche
  Grey, Thomas. Hanslick
  Budd, Malcolm. Gurney
  Grey, Thomas. Wagner
  Hamilton, Andy. Adorno
  Fisher, John Andrew. Popular music
  Moore, Allan F. Rock
  Brown, Lee B. Jazz
  Bicknell, Jeanette. Song
  Thom, Paul. Opera
  Carroll, Noel. Music and motion pictures
  Moore, Margaret. Music and motion pictures
  Stilwell, Robynn J. Music and dance
  Higgins, Kathleen Marie. Visual music and synesthesia
  London, Justin. Musicology
  Lochhead, Judy. Music theory and philosophy
  Scruton, Roger. Composition
  Dubiel, Joseph. Analysis
  Manuel, Peter. Ethnomusicology
  Harrison, Anthony Kwame. Sociology and cultural studies
  Maus, Fred Ellis. Music and gender
  Benson, Bruce Ellis. Phenomenology of music
  Raffman, Diana. Music, philosophy, and cognitive science
  Clarke, Eric. Psychology of music
  Alperson, Philip. Music education
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