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Title World art studies : exploring concepts and approaches / edited by Kitty Zijlmans, Wilfried van Damme.
Published Amsterdam : Valiz, c2008
Detail 461 p. : ill. ; 24 cm
Added Author Scharfstein, Ben-Ami. Prelude : Keeping the world together
  Van Damme, Wilfried. Introducing world art studies
  Pfisterer, Ulrich. Origins and principles of world art history : 1900 (and 2000)
  Halbertsma, Marlite. The many beginnings and the one end of world art history in Germany, 1900-1933
  Elkins, James, 1955-. Can we invent a world art studies
  Yiqiang, Cao. World art studies and the historiography of Chinese art
  Zijlmans, Kitty. The discourse on contemporary art and the globalization of the art system
  Kaufmann, Thomas DaCosta The geography of art : historiography, issues, and perspectives
  Bievre, Elisabeth de. Green art studies and the local subconscious
  Anderson, Richard L. Art, aesthetics, and cultural anthropology : retrospect and prospect
  Girshick, Paula D. Envisioning art worlds : new directions in the anthropology of art
  Dissanayake, Ellen. The arts after Darwin : does art have an origin and adaptive function
  Onians, John. Neuroarthistory : making more sense of art
  Borgatti, Jean M. Constructed identities : portraiture in world art
  Brown, Donald E. Portraiture and social stratification
  Scharfstein, Ben-Ami 1919-. The common humanity evident in European, African, Indian, Chinese, and Japanese aesthetic theory
  Rhodes, Colin. Primitivism : the primordium lost and found and reinvented
  Clark, John. Modernities in art : how are they "other"?
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