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Title The SAGE handbook of nations and nationalism / edited by Gerard Delanty and Krishan Kumar.
Published London : SAGE, 2006
Detail xix, 577 p. ; 26 cm
Added Author Kumar, KrishanApproaches. Nationalism and the historians
  Hroch, Miroslav Modernization and communication as factors of nation formation
  A. Hall,John. Structural approaches to nations and nationalism
  Arnason, Johann P Nations and nationalisms : between general theory and comparative history
  Segal, Daniel A. Cultural approaches to nationalism
  Langman, Lauren. The social psychology of nationalism : to die for the sake of strangers
  Hechter, Michael. Nationalism and direct rule
  Moore, Margaret. Discourse-analytic and socio-linguistic approaches to the study of nation(alism)
  Wodak, Ruth Critical Discourse Analysis.
  Walby ,Syliva. Gender approaches to nations and nationalism
  Chernilo, Daniel. Methodological nationalism and its critique
  Gorski,Philip S. Themes. Pre-modern nationalism : an oxymoron? The evidence from England
  Greenfeld, Liah. Modernity and nationalism
  Smith, Anthony D. Ethnicity and nationalism
  Juergensmeyer, Mark. Nationalism and religion
  Fenton, Steve 1942-. Race and the nation
  Turner,Charles. Nation and commemoration
  Brewer, John D Memory, truth and victimhood in post-trauma societies
  Turner, Bryan S. Citizenship, nationalism and nation-building
  McCrone, David. Nation and regions : in or out of state
  King, Anthony D. Nationalism and sport
  Roche, Maurice Nations, mega-events and international culture
  Berrezin,Mabel. Xenophobia and the new nationalisms
  Triandafyllidou, Anna. Nations, migrants and transnational identifications : an interactive approach to nationalism
  Hutchinson, John. Hot and banal nationalism : the nationalization of 'the masses'
  Males?evic?,Sinisa. Nationalism and the power of ideology
  Conversi, Daniele. Genocide, ethnic cleansing and nationalism
  Wimmer, Andreas. Ethnic exclusion in nationalizing states /
  Hauggard ,Mark. Nationalism and liberalism
  Delanty, Gerard. Nationalism and cosmopolitanism : the paradox of modernity
  James, Paul. Theorizing nation formation in the context of imperialism and globalism
  Holmes, Douglas R. Nations and nationalism in a global age. Supernationalism-integralism-nationalism : schemata for 21st century Europe
  Hann, Chris. Nation and nationalism in Central and Eastern Europe
  Sakwam,Richard. Nation and nationalism in Russia
  Yilmaz,Suhnaz. Yilmaz
  Oommen, T. K 1937-. Nation and nationalism in South Asia
  Khazanov, Anatoly M. Nations and nationalism in Central Asia
  Brown, David 1945-. Contending nationalisms in South-East Asia
  Sugimoto, Yoshio. Nation and nationalism in contemporary Japan
  Gries,Peter Hays. China and Chinese nationalism
  Pappe ,Ilan. Arab nationalism
  Neuberger,Benjamin. African nationalism
  Grant ,Susan-Mary. A nation before nationalism : the civic and ethnic construction of America
  Domingues,Jose Mauricio. Nationalism in South and Central America
  Beilharz, Peter. Nations and nationalism in Australia and New Zealand
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