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Title Problems in economic and social archaeology / edited by G. de G. Sieveking, I. H. Longworth, and K. E. Wilson.
Published London : Duckworth, 1976
Detail xxvi, 626 p. : ill. ; 28 cm
Added Author Addyman, Peter Archaeology and Anglo-Saxon society
  Bellwood, Peter. Prehistoric plant and animal domestication in Austronesia
  Bellwood, Peter Prehistoric plant and animal domestication in Austronesia
  Biddle, Martin Hampshire and the origins of Wessex
  Blacking, John. Dance, conceptual thought and production in the archaeological
  Bray, Warwick. From predation to production: the nature of agricultural evolution in Mexico and Peru
  Bulmer, Ralph. Selectivity in hunting and in disposal of animal bone by the kalam of the new Guinea Highland
  Burney, Charles Allen. Haftavan tepe and early settlement patterns in north-west iran
  Clarke, David Mesolithic Europe: the economic basic
  Davidson, Iain Las Mallaetes and Monduver: the economiy of a human group in prehistoric Spain
  Evans, John Village, town, city: some thoughts on the prehistoric background to urban civilization in the Aegean and Italy
  Fagan, Brian M. The hunters of gwisho: a retrospect
  Fleming, Andrew Early settlement and the landscape inwest Yorkshire
  Gathercole, Peter. A Maori shell trumpet at cambridge
  Golson, Jack. Archaeology and agricultural history in the new Guinea Highlands
  Gunliffe, Barry Hill-forts and oppida in Britain
  Hammond, Norman. A classic maya ball-game vase
  Harding, Anthony Broze agricultural implements in Bronze Age Europe
  Higham, Charles. The economic basis of the foveaux straits Maori in prehistory
  Isaac, Glynn Ll. Early stone tools - an adaptive threshold
  Jarman, Michael Prehistoric economic development in sub-Alpine Italy
  Jones, Rhys Tasmania: aquatic machines and off-shore islands
  Mellars, Paul Settlement patterns and industrial variability in the british Mesolithic
  Nandris, John Some factors in the early neothermal settlement of south-east Europe
  Oates, Joan Early irrigation agriculture in mesopotamis
  Peterson, Nicolas. Ethnoarchaeology in the Australian iron Age
  Posnansky,Merrick. Archaeology and the origins of the akan society in Ghana
  Renfrew, Colin and Dixon, John Obsidian in western Asia: a review
  Roe ,Derek. Typology and the trouble with hand-axes
  Shawcross,Wilfred. Kauri point swamp: the ethnographic interpretation of prehistoric site
  Sherratt, Andrew Resources, technology and trade in early European metallurgy
  Sieveking ,Gale. Progress in economic and social archaelogy
  Sieveking, Ann Settlement patterns of the later Magdalenian in the central Pyrenees
  Stead, Ian The earliest burials of the Aylesford culture
  Thompson, Michael The construction of the Manor at South Wingfield, Derbyshire
  Trump, David The collapse of the Maltese temples
  Wilson, David M Defence in the Viking age
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