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Title Models in archaeology / edited by David L. Clarke.
Author Clarke, David L
Published London, Methuen, 1972
Detail xxiv, 1055, [2] p., [4] leaves. illus., maps. 24 cm
Added Author Clarke, D.L. Models and paradigms in contemporary archaeology
  Hill, J.N. The methodological debate in contemporary archaeology: a model
  Binford, L.R. Contemporary model building: paradigms and the current state of palaeolithic research
  Isaac, G. L. Early phases of human behaviour: models in lower palaeolithic archaeology
  Daniels , S.G.H. Research design models
  Evans, P.K. A model for classification and typology
  Hill, J.N. A model for classification and typology
  Thomas, D.H. What mean these stones? Ethno-taxonomic models and archaeological interpretations in the new guinea highlands
  Johnson, Leroy. Introduction to imaginary models for archaeological scaling and clustering
  Cowgill, G.L. Models, mothods and technoques for seriation
  Doran, J.E. Computer models as tools for archaeological hypothesis formation
  Higham, C.F.W. Initial model formulation in terra incognita
  Sherratt, A.G. Socio-economic and demographic models for the neolithic and Bronze Ages of Europe
  Wilkinson, P.F. Ecosystem models and demographic Hypotheses: predation and prehistory in North America
  Shawcross, W. Energy and ecology: thermodynamic models in archaeology
  Odner, K. Ethno-historic and ecological settings for economic and social models of an Iron Ages society: Valldalen, Norway
  Schrire, C. Ethno-archaeological models and subsistance behaviour in Arnhem Land
  Tomas, D.H. A computer simulation model of Great Basin Shoshonean Subsistance and settlement patterns
  Jarman, M.R. A territorial model for archaeology:a behavioural and geographical approach
  LITVAK KING, J. Set theory models: an approach to taxonomic and localtional relationships
  Hammond, N. D. C. Locational models and the site of Lubaantun: a Classic Maya centre
  Clarke, D.L. A provistional model of an Iron Ages society an its settlement system
  Mason, R.J. Locational models of Transvaal Iron Ages settlements
  Hodder, I.R. Locational models and the study of Romano-British settlement
  Ellison, A. Settlement and land use in the prehistory and early history of southern England: a study based on locational models
  Jope, E.M. Models in medieval studies
  Chaney, R.P. Scientific inquiry and models of socio-cultural data patterning: an epilogue
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