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Title The diffusion of material culture : 28th International Congress of Orientalists, proceedings of Seminar E, Canberra, January 1971 / edited by H.H.E. Loofs-Wissowa.
Author International Congress of Orientalists (28th : 1971 : Canberra, A.C.T.). Seminar E
Published [Manoa] : Social Science Research Institute, University of Hawaii at Manoa ;Honolulu, Hawaii : Distributed by the University Press of Hawaii, 1980
Detail xix, 393 p. : ill. ; 28 cm
Added Author Loofs-Wissowa, H. H. E (Helmut Hermann Ernst). Diffusion of early pottery in Southeast Asia : some suggestions
  Loofs-Wissowa, H. H. E. (Helmut Hermann Ernst)
  Esaka, Teruya, 1919- . Oldest Japanese Jomon pottery culture and the origins of pottery culture in East Asia
  Solheim, Wilhelm G II. Early pottery in Northern Thailand and conjectures on its relationships
  Parker, R. H. Continuity and change in two areas of north east Thailand
  Peacock, B. A. V. A note on the tripod pottery from peninsular and mainland Southeast Asia and the 'Lungshanoid expansion'
  Birmingham, Judy. Chalcolithic and early Iron Age pottery in West Bengal
  Sinha, B. P. Neolithic culture in the Gangetic Valley
  Leshnik, Lawrence S. The South Indian burials - a new perspective
  Ahmad, Hasan Dani. North-West Frontier burial rites in their wider archaeological setting
  Duff, Roger. Stone adzes of Southeast Asia
  Bayard, D.T. An early indigenous bronze technology in northeast Thailand : its implications for the prehistory of East Asia
  Barnard, Noel. The origins and development of metallurgy in China, with special reference to the crucible
  Gray, Basil. A bronze lien from Shih-Chai-Shan
  Jettmar, Karl.The diffusion of metallurgy in early Central Asia
  Agrawal, D. P 1935-. The diffusion of metallurgy in prehistoric India
  Guzder, Statira. The diffusion of metallurgy in prehistoric India
  Gupta, Parmeshwari Lal 1914-. Copper hoards in India
  Mourer, Roland. Un cas de changement technologique dans la fonte du cuivre a Phsar Dek (Cambodge) : aspects techniques, economiques et sociaux
  Treloar, F.E. Arab-Chinese entrepot trade in Kedah, Malaya : evidence from chemical composition of metal objects
  Soejono, R.P. The distribution of types of bronze axes in Indonesia
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