Title From the things themselves : architecture and phenomenology / edited by Benoit Jacquet, Vincent Giraud.
Published Kyoto : Kyoto University Press, 2012
Detail vii, 541 pages : illustrations (some color), plans ; 22 cm
Added Author Anderson, Ross. The talismanic presence of architecture and ornament in Heidegger's Hutte
  August, Karan. Thinking bodies
  Bleeckere, Sylvain De. Aural architecture and its phenomenological roots
  Crow, Jason. Light, stone, and flesh: Bernard of Clairvaux and the wall of the church
  Dreyfus, Hubert L. Why the mood in a room and the mood of a room should be important to architects
  Fujimori Terunobu. Homage to Michelangelo: Tenge's encounter with Heidegger
  Giannisi, Phoebe. Weather phenomena and immortality: the well-adjusted construction in ancient Greek poetics
  Giraud, Vincent, editor
  Giraud, Vincent. Inhabiting nothingness: Heidegger on building
  Harries, Karsten. Longing for Ithaca: on the need for a post-Copernican geocentrism
  Hopsch, Lena. Shaped space, embodied space: Borromini's Baroque architecture
  Jacquet, Benoit, editor
  Jacquet, Benoit. Reduction to Japan-ness? Katsura Villa as a discursive phenomenon
  McCann, Rachel. Expressing embodiment: architectural representation as carnal echo
  Orduna, Santiago de. Building metaphors: notes towards a hermeneutics of arthitecture
  Perez-Gomez, Alberto. The gift of architecture and embodied consciousness
  Quesada, Fernando. House and organ: Hugo H?aring and prosthetic architecture
  Ronnen, Gilad. The Zen garden of Sh?oden-ji as a Koan of perception
  Sharr, Adam. Refutation, revelation and reconstruction: on architecture and the settlement of memory
  Takashi, Kakuni. Now and here, I am there: the theory of body and space in Merleau-Ponty and Nishida Kitaro
  Takeyama Kiyoshi Sey. Architecture as a way of thinking
  Walsh, Dermott. Reduction to Japan-ness? Katsura Villa as a discursive phenomenon
  Wlaszyn, Joanna. Architecture and technology: questions about representations
  Zhuang Yue. Performing poetry-music: on Confucians' garden dwelling
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