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Title The Routledge reader in Christian-Muslim relations / edited by Mona Siddiqui.
Published London ;New York : Routledge, 2013
Detail viii, 376 p. ; 26 cm
Added Author Davids, Adelbert. John of Damascus : the heresy of the Ishmaelites
  Valkenberg, Pim. John of Damascus : the heresy of the Ishmaelites
  Koningsveld, P.S. Van. The Islamic image of Paul and the origin of the Gospel of Barnabas
  Beaumont, Mark. The Christologies of Abu Qurra, Abu Ra'ita and Ammar al-Basri and Muslim response
  Thomas, David. Extracts from early Muslim polemic against Christianity : Abu Isa al-Warraq's "against the incarnation"
  Swanson, Mark N. Folly to the Hunafa : the crucifixion in early Christian-Muslim controversy
  Heemskerk, Margaretha. A Mu'tazilite refutation of Christianity and Judaism : two fragments from 'Abd al-Jabber's al-Mughni fi abwab al-tawhid wa-'l-'adl /
  Waltz, James. Muhammad and the Muslims in St. Thomas Aquinas
  Francisco, Adam S. Luther's knowledge of and attitude towards Islam
  Zwemer, Samuel M. Extracts from teh disintegration of Islam
  Kraemer, Hendrik. Extracts from teh Christian message in a non-Christian world
  Ayoub, Mahmoud M. Towards an Islamic Christology II : the death of Jesus, reality or delusion
  Ragi A, Isma'il. Islam and Christianity : diatribe or dialogue
  Nettler, Ronald L. Mohamed Talbi : "for dialogue between all religions"
  Kung, Hans, 1928-. Christianity and world religions : the dialogue with Islam as one model
  Peters, R.E. The quest of the historical Muhammad
  Schimmel, Annemaria. Jesus adn Mary at poetical images in Rumi's verse
  Khaliki, Tarif. Extracts from the Muslim Jesus : sayings and stories in Islamic literature
  McAuliffe, Jame Dammen. The praiseworthy amity of Christians
  Sered, Susan. Rachel, Mark, and Fatima
  Cimino, Richard. "No God in common" : American evangelical discourse on Islam after 9/11
  Leirvik, Oddbjorn Aw qala : 'Li-jariji' : some observations on brotherhood and neighborly love in Islamic tradition
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