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Title The community development reader / James DeFilippis and Susan Saegert, editors.
Published New York : Routledge, 2008
Detail viii, 347 p. : ill. ; 26 cm
Added Author DeFilippis, James. Communities develop: the question is how
  Saegert, Susan. Communities develop: the question is how
  Kubisch, Anne C. Strengthening the connections between communities and external resources
  O'Connor, Alice.History and future of community development . Swimming against the tide: a brief history of Federal policy in poor communities
  DeFilippis ,James. Collective ownership and community control and development: the long view
  Souza Briggs ,Xavier de. The new (and old) politics of urban problem solving
  Fraser, James C. The construction of the local and the limits of contemporary community-building in the United states
  Stoecker,Randy. The CDC model of urban development: a critique and an alternative
  Garber,Judith. Defining feminist community
  Lawrence, Keith. Expanding comprehensiveness: structural racism and community building in the United States
  Young, Iris Marion. The five faces of oppression /
  Pitcoff, Winton. Has homeownership been oversold?
  Davis, John E. Domestic property interests as a seedbed for community action
  Greenberg, David F. How do communities matter for community organizing
  Glickman, Norman. More than bricks and sticks: five components of community development corporation capacity
  Rohe, William. Learning from adversity: The CDC school of hard knocks
  Stone, Michael. Social ownership of housing
  Lehn, Benjamin. Community development financial institutions
  Squires, Gregory. No progress without protest
  Wiewel, Wim. Economic development of neighborhoods and localities
  Stall, Susan. Community organizing or organizing community? gender and the crafts of empowerment
  Briggs, Xavier de Souza. Doing democracy up-close: culture, power and communication in community planning
  Hyman, James. Exploring social capital and civic engagement to create a framework for community building
  Levanthal, Tama. Communities of place, face and space: provision of services to poor, urban children and their families
  Quiroz-Becerra, Victoria. Community based organizations and migration in New York City
  Foley, Michael W. Social capital, religious institutions and poor communities
  Rich, Michael. Collaborating to reduce poverty
  Brown, Prudence. Toward greater effectiveness in community change: challenges and responses for philanthropy
  Collins, Timothy. Rural community development: a focus on rural communities in urban societies
  Sampson, Robert J. Understanding, building, and organizing community. what community supplies
  DeRienzo, Harold. The myth of a purified community / Richard Sennett --Community organizing for power and democracy: lessons learned from a life in the trenches
  Fisher, Robert E 1940-. Neighborhood organizing: The importance of historical context
  Warren, Mark R. A theology of organizing: from Alinsky to the modern IAF
  Speer, Paul. Community organizing: an ecological route to empowerment and power
  Traynor, William. Community building : limitations and promise
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