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Title The Routledge history of the Holocaust / edited by Jonathan C. Friedman.
Published Abingdon, Oxon ;New York : Routledge, 2011
Detail xix, 516 p. ; 26 cm
Added Author Friedman, Jonathan C., 1966-. The Jewish communities of Europe on the eve of World War II
  Brustein, William. European antisemitism before the Holocaust and the roots of Nazism
  de Syon, Guillaume. The Einsatzgruppen and the issue of "ordinary men"
  Fein, Helen. Levels of accounting in Accounting for Genocide: A cross-national study of Jewish victimization during the Holocaust
  Seibel, Wolfgang. The Holocaust in western Europe
  Bruland, Bjarte. Norway's role in the Holocaust: The destruction of Norway's Jews
  Korb, Alexander. Nation-building and mass violence: The Independent State of Croatia, 1941-45
  Levine, Paul A. Sweden's complicated neutrality and the rescue of Danish Jewry
  Berenbaum, Michael. The Rescuers: When the ordinary is extraordinary
  Hamlin Littell, Franklin. The church, theology, and the Holocaust
  Sachs Littell, Marcia. The church, theology, and the Holocaust
  Irvin Lichti, James. Model denomination or totalitarian sect? Jehovah's Witnesses in Nazi Germany
  Goldenberg ,Myrna. Double jeopardy: Being Jewish and female in the Holocaust
  Gilbert, Shirli. Music in the Nazi ghettos and camps
  Fallwell, Lynne. Holocaust documentaries
  Fallwell, Lynne. Sequential art narrative and the Holocaust
  Horvath ,Rita. The role of the survivors in the remembrance of the Holocaust: Memorial monuments and Yizkor books
  Michlic, Joanna B."The war began for me after the war": Jewish children in Poland, 1945-49
  Bayzler, Michael J. The Thousand Year Reich's over one thousand anti-Jewish laws
  Allison, Kirk C. Eugenics, race hygiene, and the Holocaust: Antecedents and consolidations
  Weitz, Eric D. Weimar Germany and the dilemmas of liberty
  Gruner, Wolf. Forced labor in Nazi anti-Jewish policy, 1938-45
  Sinnreich, Helene. Victim and perpetrator perspectives of World War II-era ghettos
  Steinbacher, Sybille. The concentration and extermination camps of the Nazi regime
  Cox, John M. Jewish resistance against Nazism
  Nichols, Bradley. Forging the "Aryan Utopia": Nazi racial policy in occupied Poland, 1939-45
  Kuntz, Dieter. Hitler and the functioning of the Third Reich
  Heberer, Patricia. The Nazi "euthanasia" program
  Jan Van Pelt, Robert. Paradise/Hades, Purgatory, Hell/Gehenna: A political typology of the camps
  Igel, Lee H. The fate of the Jews in Austria, 1933-39
  Gaunt, David. Reichskommissariat Ostland
  Browning, Christopher. The origins of the Final Solution
  Feinstein, Stephen C. Toward a post-Holocaust theology in art: The search for the absent and present God
  Weiner, Robert G. Holocaust documentaries
  Weiner, Robert G. Sequential art narrative and the Holocaust
  Afrojimovics, King. The special characteristics of the Holocaust in Hungary, 1938-45
  Frusetta, James. The Final Solution in southeastern Europe: Between Nazi catalysts and local motivations
  Fischer, Ronit. Transnistria: The Holocaust in Romania
  Cohen, Boaz. The Jewish DP experience
  Pendas, Devin. Putting the Holocaust on trial in the two Germanies, 1945-89
  Giles, Geoffrey J. The persecution of gay men and lesbians during the Third Reich
  Hancock, Ian. The neglected memory of the Romanies in the Holocaust/Porrajmos
  Howard Garrin, Stephen. "But I forsook not Thy precepts" (Ps. 119:87): Spiritual resistance to the Holocaust
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