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Title A companion to digital humanities / edited by Susan Schreibman, Ray Siemens, and John Unsworth.
Published Malden, Mass. : Blackwell, 2004
Detail xxvii, 611 p. : ill. ; 26 cm
Added Author Schreibman, Susan. digital humanities and humanities computing : an introduction
  Siemens, Raymond George, 1966-. digital humanities and humanities computing : an introduction
  Unsworth, John, 1958-. digital humanities and humanities computing : an introduction
  A. Busa,Roberto. Foreword : perspectives on the digital humanities
  Hockey,Susan. history of humanities computing
  Eiteljorg,Harrison. Computing for archaeologists
  Greenhalgh,Michael. Art history
  Crane, Gregory. Classics and the computer : an end of the history
  Thomas,William G. Computing and the historical imagination
  Wooldridge,Russon. Lexicography
  Hajic,Jan. Linguistics meets exact sciences
  Rommel,Thomas. Literary studies
  Fujinaga,Ichiro. Music
  Forscher Weiss ,Susan. Music
  Rockwell,Geoffrey. Multimedia
  Mactavish ,Andrew. Multimedia
  Saltz ,David Z. Performing arts
  Ess ,Charles. "Revolution? : what revolution?" : successes and limits of computing technologies in philosophy and religion
  Laue,Andrea. How the computer works
  Sperberg-McQueen,C. M. Classification and its structures
  Ramsay ,Stephen. Databases
  McGann, Jerome J. Marking texts of many dimensions
  Renear,Allen H. Text encoding
  Willett,Perry. Electronic texts : audiences and purposes
  McCarty,Willard. Modeling : a study in words and meanings
  Craig, Hugh. Stylistic analysis and authorship studies
  Ide ,Nancy. Preparation and analysis of linguistic corpora
  Smith ,Martha Nell. Electronic scholarly editing
  Burrows, John 1939-. Textual analysis
  Palmer ,Carole L. Thematic research collections
  Warwick,Claire. Print scholarship and digital resources
  Kolker, Robert Phillip. Digital media and the analysis of film
  Lancashire,Ian. Cognitive stylistics and the literary imagination
  Ryan ,Marie-Laure. Multivariant narratives
  Drucker, Johanna. Speculative computing : aesthetic provocations in humanities computing
  Nowviskie ,Bethany. Speculative computing : aesthetic provocations in humanities computing
  Winder,William. Robotic poetics
  Pitti ,Daniel V. Designing sustainable projects and publications
  Deegan, Marilyn. Conversion of primary sources
  Tanner ,Simon. Conversion of primary sources
  Bradley,John. Text tools
  Kirschenbaum ,Matthew G. "So the colors cover the wires" : interface, aesthetics, and usability
  Jensen, Michael 1960-.Intermediation and its malcontents : validating professionalism in the age of raw dissemination
  Besser,Howard. past, present, and future of digital libraries
  Smith, Abby. Preservation
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