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Title Radical egalitarianism : local realities, global relations / edited by Felicity Aulino, Miriam Goheen, and Stanley J. Tambiah.
Published New York : Fordham University Press, 2013
Detail vi, 330 pages ; 24 cm
Added Author Taylor, James L. Understanding social totalities : Stanley Tambiah's early contributions to sociology of Thai Buddhism
  Tambiah, Stanley Jeyaraja., 1929-. The charisma of saints and the cults of relic, amulets, and tomb shrines
  Jordt, Ingrid. Transnational Buddhism and the transformation of local power in Thailand
  Johnson, Irving Chan. A Muslim king and his Buddhist subjects : religion, power, and identity at the periphery of the Thai state
  Fischer, Michael M. J., 1946-. contradictions, and cultural oscillations
  Ohnuki-Tierney, Emiko. At the base of local and transnational conflicts : the political uses of inferiorizations
  Puett, Michael. Economies of ghosts, gods, and goods : the history and anthropology of Chinese temple networks
  Ratanapruck, Frista. Trade, religion, and civic relations in the Manangi long-distance trade community
  Ferguson, James. Cosmologies of welfare : two conceptions of social assistance in contemporary South Africa
  Manfredi, Victor. A "recurrence of structures" in collapsing Nigeria
  Peirano, Mariza. People and ideas travel together : Tambiah's approach to ritual and cosmology in Brazil
  Herzfeld, Michael. Paradoxes of order in Thai community politics
  Sahlins, Marshall. Structural work : how microhistories become macrohistories and vice versa
  Good, Byron J. Perspectives on the politics of peace in Aceh, Indonesia
  Delvecchio Good , Mary-Jo. Perspectives on the politics of peace in Aceh, Indonesia
  Malkki, Lisa. A tale of two affects : humanitarianism and professionalism in Red Cross aid work
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