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Title Neandertals and modern humans in Western Asia / edited by Takeru Akazawa, Kenichi Aoki, and Ofer Bar-Yosef.
Published New York : Plenum Press, c1998
Detail xi, 539 p. : ill., maps ; 26 cm
Added Author Akazawa, Takeru, 1938-
  Aoki, Kenichi, 1948-
  Bar-Yosef, Ofer
  Howell, F. Clark. Evolutionary implications of altered perspectives on hominine demes and populations in the later Pleistocene of western Eurasia
  Stringer, Chris. Chronological and biogeographic perspectives on later human evolution
  Bar-Yosef, Ofer. The chronology of the Middle Paleolithic of the Levant
  Schwarcz, Henry P. Progress in ESR and U-series chronology of the Levantine Paleolithic
  Valladas, Helene. GIF laboratory dates for Middle Paleolithic Levant
  Tchernov, Eitan. The faunal sequence of the Southwest Asian Middle Paleolithic in relation to hominid dispersal events
  Muhesen, Sultan. The earliest Paleolithic occupation in Syria
  Goldberg, Paul. Site formation processes in Kebara and Hayonim Caves and their significance in Levantine prehistoric caves
  Henry, Donald O. Intrasite spatial patterns and behavioral modernity : indications from the Late Levantine Mousterian rockshelter of Tor Faraj, southern Jordan
  Hovers, Erella. The lithic assemblages of Amud Cave : implications for understanding the end of the Mousterian in the Levant
  Meignen, Liliane. Hayonim Cave lithic assemblages in the context of the Near Eastern Middle Paleolithic : a preliminary report
  Boeda, Eric. Bitumen as hafting material on Middle Paleolithic artifacts from the El Kowm Basin, Syria
  Goren-Inbar, Naama. The technological abilities of the Levantine Mousterians : cultural and mental capacities
  Speth, John D. The role of hunting and scavenging in Neandertal procurement strategies : new evidence from Kebara Cave (Israel)
  Stiner, Mary C. Pleistocene species trends at Hayonim Cave : changes in climate versus human behavior
  Lieberman, Daniel E. Neandertal and early modern human mobility patterns : comparing archaeological and anatomical evidence
  Ambrose, Stanley H. Prospects for stable isotopic analysis of Later Pleistocene hominid diets in West Asia and Europe
  Hublin, Jean-Jacques. Climatic changes, paleogeography, and the evolution of the Neandertals
  Arensburg, Baruch. Sapiens and Neandertals : rethinking the Levantine Middle Paleolithic hominids
  Dodo, Yuko. Anatomy of the Neandertal infant skeleton from Dederiyeh Cave, Syria
  Minugh-Purvis, Nancy. The search for the earliest modern Europeans : a comparison of the es-Skhul 1 and Krapina 1 juveniles
  Rak, Yoel. Does any Mousterian cave present evidence of two hominid species?
  Rosenberg, Karen R. Morphological variation in West Asian postcrania : implications for obstetric and locomotor behavior
  Tillier, Anne-marie. Ontogenetic variation in Late Pleistocene Homo sapiens from the Near East : implications for methodological bias in reconstructing evolutionary biology
  Quam, Rolf M. A reassessment of the Tabun C2 mandible -- The evolution of culture : a comparative perspective
  Trinkaus, Erik. Upper limb versus lower limb loading patterns among Near Eastern Middle Paleolithic hominids
  Laland, Avraham. Evolution of Culture :A Comparative Perspective
  Ronen, Avraham. Domestic Fire as Evidence for Language
  Schick, Kathy D. Comparative Perspective on Paleolithic Cultural Patterns
  Kozlowski, Janusz K. Middle and the Early Upper Paleolithic around the Black Sea
  Otte, Marcel. Turkey as a Key
  Mellars, Paul. Impact of Climatic Changes on the Demography of Late Neandertal and Early Anatomically Modern Populations in Europe
  Klein, Richard G. Why Anatomically Modern People Did Not Disperse from Africa 100,000 Years Ago
  Pilbeam, David. Afterword
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