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Title A companion to gender prehistory / edited by Diane Bolger.
Published Hoboken, NJ : John Wiley & Sons Inc., c2012
Detail xxiii, 642 p. : ill., maps ; 26 cm
Added Author Bolger, Diane, 1954-
  Zihlman, Adrienne. Engendering Human Evolution
  Hutson, Scott R. Gender, Complexity, and Power in Prehistory
  Bulger, Teresa Dujnic. Archaeology of Embodied Subjectivities
  Alberti, Benjamin. Queer Prehistory :Bodies, Performativity, and Matter
  Conkey, Margaret W. Future of Gender in Prehistoric Archaeology
  Hays-Gilpin, Kelley. Gender and Prehistoric Rock Art
  Finlay, Nyree. Gender and Lithic Studies in Prehistoric Archaeology
  Bolger, Diane. Gender, Laber, and Pottery Production in Prehistory
  Costin, Cathy Lynne. Gender and Textile Production in Prehistory
  Marshall, Yvonne. Personhood in Prehistory :A Feminist Archaeology in Ten Persons
  Sofaer, Joanna. Bioarchaeological Approaches to the Gendered Body
  Bailey, Douglass W. Figurines, Corporeality, and the Orgins of the Gendered Body
  Goodison, Lucy. Goddesses in Prehistory
  Barich, Barbara E. Gender in North Prehistory in Afica and Asia
  Wadley, Lyn. Gender in the Prehistory of Sub-Saharan Africa
  Nelson, Sarah Milledge. Gender and Archaeology in Coastal East Asia
  Linduff, Katheryn M. Gender Archaeology in East Asia and Eurasia
  Bolger, Diane. Gender in Southwest Asian Prehistory
  Sorensen, Marie Louise Stig. History of Gender Archaeology in Northern Europe
  Chapman, John. Gender in Eastern European Prehistory
  Diaz-Andren, Margarita. Gender and Feminism in the Prehistoric Archaeology of Southwest Europe
  Edwards, Benjamin. Gender in British Prehistory
  Whitehouse, Ruth. Gender in Central Mediterranean Prehistory
  Hitchcock, Louise. Gender in Greek and Aegean Prehistory
  Claassen, Cheryl. Gender in the Prehistory of the Eastern United States
  Kehoe, Alice Beck. Archaeology of Gender in Western North America
  Brumfiel, Elizabeth M. Archaeology of Gender in Mesoamerica :Moving Beyond Gender Complementarity
  Vogel, Melissa A. Gender in South American Prehistory
  De Leiuen, Cherrie. Gender and Archaeology in Australia, Papua New Guinea, and the South Pacific
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