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Title Cultural analysis and the navigation of complexity : influences of Gerlach's anthropology on studies of environmental policy and resource management, language and discourse, power and belief and social health : a Festschrift in honor of Luther P. Gerlach / edited by Lisa Kaye Brandt.
Published Lanham, Md. : University Press of America, c2007
Detail 180 p. : ill. ; 23 cm
Added Author Gerlach, Luther P
  Brandt, Lisa Kaye
  Rayner, Steve. Creating a climate for change : the influence of Luther Gerlach on the development of critical thinking about climate policy
  Palmer, Gary. Movements of social transformation actually are just languages by another name : toward a functional analysis of social movement language
  Brandt, Lisa. Manipulation of public environmental discourse : issue expansion and contraction
  Yellowthunder, Lois. Application of complexity theory to globalization issues
  Balch, Faith. Examining constraints and feedback as system regulators in a combined ecological and cultural system model
  Robbins, Mlichael C. "What's new is old again" : cultural change in hunting and fishing in Missouri and Arkansas
  Bengston, David N. Implementing ecosystem management : perspectives of innovative natural resource managers
  Erickson, Rita. "Livin' large" : three decades of energy consumption in Sweden and America
  Mesaki, Simeon. Vulnerable lives : witch-killing and the tragedy of ageing in Sukumaland, Tanzania
  Whitaker, Elizabeth D. Worldwide pandemic of overweight-obesity : anthropological approaches and frameworks
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