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Title Culture, rhetoric, and the vicissitudes of life / edited by Michael Carrithers.
Published New York ;Oxford : Berghahn Books, c2009
Detail xi, 184 p. ;24 cm
Added Author Nienkamp, Jean. Internal Rhetorics :Constituting Selves in Diaries and Beyond
  Carrithers, Michael. Story Seeds and the Inchoate
  Weine, Stevan M. Diffuse in Testimonies
  Biesele, Megan. Medical Rhetoric in the U.S. and Africa :The Oncologist as Charon
  Nerlich, Brigitte. 'As if Goya was on hand as a marksman' :Foot and Mouth Disease as a Rhetorical and Cultural Phenomenon
  Carrithers, Michael
  Bailey, F. G. Palaestral Aspect of Rhetoric
  Basso, Ellen B. Ordeals of Language
  Cintron, Ralph. Inventions of Hyperbolic Culture
  Fernandez, James W. Rhetoric in the Moral Order :A Critique of Tropological Approaches to Culture
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