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Title The question of gender : Joan W. Scott's critical feminism / edited by Judith Butler and Elizabeth Weed.
Published Bloomington : Indiana University Press, c2011
Detail 330 p. : ill. ; 23 cm
Added Author Butler, Judith. Speaking up, talking back : Joan Scott's critical feminism
  Cabrera, Miguel A. Language, experience, and identity : Joan W. Scott's theoretical challenge to historical studies
  Roberts, Mary Louise. Out of their orbit : celebrities and eccentrics in nineteenth-century France
  Sinha, Mrinalini, 1960. Historically speaking : gender and citizenship in colonial India
  Shehabuddin, Elora. Gender and the figure of the "moderate Muslim" : feminism in the twenty-first century
  Fassin, Eric. A double-edged sword : sexual democracy, gender norms, and racialized rhetoric
  Sheriff, Mary D. Seeing beyond the norm : interpreting gender in the visual arts
  Bergman-Carton, Janis. Unlikely couplings : the gendering of print technology in the French fin-de-siecle
  Doane, Mary Ann Screening the avant-garde face
  Salamon, Gayle. The sexual schema : transposition and transgenderism in Phenomenology of perception
  Huffer, Lynne. Foucault and feminism's prodigal children
  Weed, Elizabeth, 1940-. From the "useful" to the "impossible" in the work of Joan W. Scott
  Brown, Wendy. Thinking in time : an epilogue on ethics and politics
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