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Title Ethnographies of Islam : ritual performances and everyday practices / edited by Badouin Dupret, Thomas Pierret, Paulo G. Pinto and Kathryn Spellman-Poots.
Published Edinburgh : Edinburgh University Press, 2012
Detail vi, 202 p. : ill. ; 25 cm
Added Author Dupret, Baudouin
  Pierret, Thomas
  Pinto, Paulo Gabriel Hilu da Rocha
  Spellman-Poots, Kathryn
  Varley, Emma. Black Magic, Divination and Remedial Reproductive Agency in Northern Pakistan
  Boissevain, Katia. Preparing for the Haji in Contemporary Tunisia :Between Religious and Administrative Ritual
  Lange, Katharina. "There Used To Be Terrible Disbelief" :Mourning and Social Change in Northern Syria
  Spellman-Poots, Kathryn. Manifestations of Ashura among Young British Shi'is
  Hounet, Yazid Ben. Ma'ruf :An Ethnography of Ritual (South Algeria)
  Pinto, Paulo G. Sufi Ritual of the Darb al'Shish and the Ethnography of Religious Experience
  Chagas, Gisele Fonseca. Preaching for Converts :Knowledge and Power in the Sunni Community in Rio de Janeiro
  Vloeberghs, Ward. Worshipping the Martyr President :The Darih of Rafiq Hariri in Beirut
  Pierret, Thomas. Staging the Authority of the Ulama :The Celebration of the Mawlid in Urban Syria
  Baylocq, Cedric. Salafi and the Others :An Ethnography of Intracommunal Relations in French Islam
  Cantini, Daniele. Describing Religious Practices among University Students :A Case Study from the University of Jordan, Amman
  D'hondt, Sigurd. Referring to Islam in Mutual Teasing :Notes on an Encounter between Two Tanzanian Revivalists
  Kreil, Aymon. Salafis ans Shaykhs :Othering the Pious in Cairo
  Alkan-Zeybek, Hilal. Ethics of Care, Politics of Solidarity :Islamic Charitable Organisations in Turkey
  Dahlgren, Susanne. Making Shari's Alive :Court Practice under an Ethnographic Lens
  Klaus, Enrique. Referring to Islam as a Practice :Audiences, Relevancies and Language Games within the Egyptian Parliament
  Aishima, Hatsuki. Contesting Poblic Images of 'Abd al-Halim Mahmud (1910-78) :Who is an Authentic Scholar?
  Gilsenan, Michael. Possessed of Documents :Hybrid Laws and Translated Texts in the Hadhrami Diaspora
  Aga Khan University. Institute for the Study of Muslim Civilisations
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