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Title Museums and biographies : stories, objects, identities / edited by Kate Hill.
Published Suffolk, UK ;Rochester, NY : Boydell Press, 2012
Detail x, 338 p. : ill. ; 25 cm
Added Author Hill, Kate, 1969-
  Bodenstein, Felicity. A show of generosity: donations and the intimacy of display in the cabinet des medailles et antiques' in paris from 1830 to 1930
  Burch, Stuart. Introducing mr moderna museet: pontus hulten and sweden's museum of modern art
  Gray, Laura. Sydney paviere and the harris museum and art gallery, preston
  Sheldon, Julie. His best successor' : lady eastlake and the national gallery
  Whitelaw, Anne. Women, museums and the problem of biography
  Sandino, Linda. A curatocracy: who and what is a V&A Curator
  Macleod, Suzanne. Significant lives: telling stories of museum architecture
  Miller, Wallis. Schinkel's museums : collecting and displaying architecture in berlin, 1844-1933
  Abt, Jeffrey Personifying the museum: incorporation and biography in american museum History /
  Leahy, Helen Rees Making an exhibition of ourselves
  Whitehead, Christopher Institutional autobiography and the architecture of the art museum: restoration and remembering at the national gallery in the 1980s
  Tyshacott, Louise. Classifying china: shifting interpretations of buddhist bronzes in liverpool museum, 1867-1997
  Francozo, Mariana. Dressed like an amazon' the transatlantic trajectory of a red feather coat
  Carreau, Lucie. Individual, collective and institutional biographies: the beasley collection of pacific Artefacts
  Elliott, Mark J. Schlptural biographies in an anthropological colleciton: Mrs Milward's Indian types
  Booth, Alison. Houses and things: literary house museums as collective biography
  Forgan, Sophie. Keepers of the flame': biography, science and personality in the museum
  Stara, Alexandra. National history as biography: alexandre lenoir's museum of french monuments
  Nemec, Belinda. Autobiographical Museums
  Jong, Steffi De. Who is history the use of autobiographical accounts in history museums
  Crooke, Elizabath. Community biographies: character, rationale and significance
  Preziosi, Donald 1941-. Endpiece: the homunculus and the pantograph, or narcissus at the met /
  Hill, Kate, 1969-. Introduction: museums and biographies - telling stories about people thing and relationships
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