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Title Identity politics reconsidered / edited by Linda Martin Alcoff ... [et al.].
Published New York : Palgrave Macmillan, 2006
Detail xiii, 289 ; 24 cm
Added Author Alcoff, Linda Martin. Reconsidering identity politics: an introduction
  Mohanty, Satya P. Reconsidering identity politics: an introduction
  Siebers, Tobin. Disability studies and the future of identity politics
  Sanchez, Rosaura. On a critical realist theory of identity
  Flores, Juan. Reclaiming left baggage: some early sources for minority studies
  Hames-Garcia, Michael. What's at stake in 'Gay' identities?
  Alcoff, Linda
  Sawyer, Paul. Identity as calling: Martin Luther King on war
  Moya, Paula M. L. What's identity got to do with it? Mobilizing identities in the multicultural classroom
  Rosaldo, Renato. Identity politics: an ethnography by a participant
  Palumbo-Liu, David. Multiculturalism now: civilization, national identity, and difference before and after September 11
  Saldivar, Ramon. Americo Paredes and the transnational imaginary
  Saldivar, Jose David. Border thinking, minoritized studies, and realist interpellations: the coloniality of power from Gloria Anzaldua to Arundhati Roy
  Butler, Johnnella E. African American literature and realist theory: seeking the 'true-true'
  Tchen, John Kuo Wei. On forming dialogic-analytic collaborations: curating spaces within-between universities and communities
  Halwani, Raja. Prolegomena to any future metaphysics of sexual Identity: recasting the essentialism and social constructionism debate
  LaCapra, Dominick. Experience and identity
  Teuton, Sean. Internationalism and the American Indian scholar: native studies and the challenge of pan-indigenism
  Harding, Sandra. Transformation vs. resistance identity projects: epistemological resources for social justice movements
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