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Title Buddhism across Asia : networks of material, intellectual and cultural exchange / edited by Tansen Sen.
Published Singapore : ISEAS Publishing ;New Delhi : Manohar, 2014. ©2014
Detail 1 v. : ill. ; 24 cm
Added Author Baums, Stefan. Truth and Scripture in Early Buddhism: Categorial Reduction as Exegetical Method in Ancient Gandhara and Beyond
  Neelis, Jason. Networks for Long-distance Transmission of Buddhism in South Asian Transit Zones
  Nattier, Jan Now You Hear it, Now You Don't: The Phrase "Thus Have I Heard" in Early Chinese Buddhist Translations
  Legittimo, Elsa. The First Agama Transmission to China
  Boucher, Daniel What is a "Hinayana Zealot" Doing in Fifth-Century China?,
  Jinhua, Chen. Meditation Traditions in Fifth-Century Northern China: With a Special Note on a Forgotten "Kasmiri Meditation Tradition Brought to China by Buddhabhadra (359-429),
  Martini, Giuliana. Transmission of the Dharma and Reception of the Text: Oral and Aural Features in the Fifth Chapter of the Book of Zambasta
  Weijen, Teng. On Kuiji's Sanskrit Compound Analyses: Transmission of Sanskrit Grammar in the Early Tang Dynasty
  Heirman, Ann. Abridged Teaching (Lue Jiao): Monastic Rules between India and China
  Xiang, Wang. From Nalanda to Chang'an: A Survey of Buddhist Libraries in Medieval China (618-907)
  Huaiyu, Chen. Multiple Traditions in One Ritual: A Reading of the Lantern-Lighting Prayers in Dunhuang Manuscripts
  Rambelli, Fabio The Idea of India (Tenjiku) in Pre-Modern Japan: Issues of Signification and Representation in the Buddhist Translation of Cultures
  Robson, James The Buddhist Image Inside-Out: On the Placing of Objects Inside Statues in East Asia,
  Kramer, Jowita. Indian Abhidharma Literature in Tibet: A Study of the Vijnana Section of Sthiramati's Pancaskandhakavibhasa
  Kulke, Hermann. From Asoka to Jayavarman VII: Some Reflections on the Relationship between Buddhism and the State in India and Southeast Asia,
  Frasch, Tilman The Theravada Buddhist Ecumene in the Fifteenth Century: Intellectual Foundations and Material Representations
  Blackburn, Anne M The Sphere of the Sasana in the Context of Colonialism
  Howard-Moore, Elizabeth.Patronage and Place: The Shwedagon in Times of Change
  Schicketanz, Erik. Wang Hongyuan and the Import of Japanese Esoteric Buddhism to China during the Republican Period
  Xing, Zhang Buddhist Practices and Institutions of the Chinese Community in Kolkata, India
  Sen, Tansen, editor
  Institute of Southeast Asian Studies. Nalanda-Sriwijaya Centre, issuing body
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