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Title Humans and the environment : new archaeological perspectives for the twenty-first century / edited by Matthew I. J. Davies and Freda Nkirote M'Mbogori.
Published Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2013
Edition First Edition
Detail xxxii, 348 pages : illustrations, 24 cm
Added Author M'Mbogori, Freda Nkirote, editor.4edt
  Davies, M. I. J., 1981- editor.4edt
  Davies, Matthew I.J. Environment in North American and European Archaeology
  Smyntyna, Olena V. Environment in Soviet and Post-Soviet Archaeology
  Balee, William. Indigeneity of Past Landscape Transformations of the Tropics
  Davies, Matthew I.J. Forced Moves or Just Good Moves? Rethinking Environmental Decision-Making among East African Intensive Cultivators
  Fiore, Danae. Is the 'Environment' Good to Eat or Good to Pain? Faunal Consumption and Avoidance among Hunter-Gatherer-Fishers in the Beagle Channel Region (Tierra del Fuego, South America)
  Chevalier, Alexandre. From Ecological Constraints To Cultural Identities :Pre-Columbian Attitudes toward Food
  Kost, Fiona. Burning the Bush :The Development of Australia 's Southwest Botanical Province
  Isendahl, Christian. Archaeology's Potential to Contribute to Pools of Agronomic Knowledge :A Case of Applied Agro-Archaeology in the Bolivian Yungas
  Kendall, Ann. Applied Archaeology in the Andes :The Contribution of Pre-Hispanic Agricultural Terracing to Environmental and Rural Development Strategies
  Stump, Daryl. Role of Agricultural and Environmental History in East African Developmental Discourse
  Oma, Kristin Armstrong. Past and Present Farming :Changes in Terms of Engagement
  Holmberg, Karen. Inheritance of Loss :Archaeology's Imagination of Disaster
  Leckie, Katherine. Nature, Identity, and Disaster :Prehistoric Lake Dwelling in Central Europe
  Rudiak-Gould, Peter. Memories and Expectations of Environmental Disaster :Some Lessons from the Marshall Islands
  Anderson, David G. Climate Change and Culturural Dynamics :Lessons from the Past for the Future
  Fairhead, James. Archaeology and Environmental Anthropology :Collaborations in Historical and Political Ecology
  Crumley, Carole L. Archaeology of Global Environment Change
  Gosden, Chris. Humanized Enviroments
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