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Title Human dimensions in organised crime, money laundering and corruption / Petrus c. van Duyne ... [et al.].
Author Colloquium on Cross-Border Crime (13th : 2012 : Manchester, England)
Published Oisterwijk : Wolf Legal Publishers, 2013
Detail v, 444 p. : ill. ; 24 cm
Added Author Antonopoulos, Georgios A. Migrants and 'organised crime' in the Greek press : 1991-2011. The politics of representing the 'organised crime other'
  Bisschiop, Lieselot. Go with the flows of transnational environmental crime : governance of illegal transports of e-waste
  Doig, Alan. It depends where you stand : corruption, Turkey ans EU accession
  Duyne, P. C. van
  Gimenez-Salinas, Andrea. The profile of a sample of criminal organisations acting in Spain during last decade
  Hanvey, Jackie. AML compliance : rituals of engagement or improvements in integrity?
  Kersmanc, Ciril. Learning the ABC's of deceptive practices in banking
  King, Colin. Following the money trail : 'civil' forfeiture of 'criminal' assets in Ireland
  Levi, Michael. Financial crimes and the global financial crisis
  Markovska, Anna. Dysfunctional social institutions as an obstacle to tackle crime : exploring the dilemma of a good Ukrainian policeman
  Nicolae, Radu. Peculiarities of the illicit enrichment policy in Romania
  Omurgonulsen, Ugur. Joining the EU : is corruption a problem from the Turkish perspective?
  Rusev, Atanas. European lessons from the Bulgarian serious organised crime threat assessment
  Salinas-Edwards, Michael. "It's not like Sainsbury's! We don't keep stock of anything." : How drug dealers mitigate risks
  Scheinost, Miroslav. Organised crime in the country of transition after twenty years
  Soudijn, Melvin R. J. A critical approach to trade based money laundering
  Van Duyne, Petrus C. Back to human size : an introduction
  Van Duyne, Petrus C. Serbian anti-corruption policy : welcome to Potemkin village?
  Von Lampe, Klaus. Fears and forecasts : notions about future trends in the early phases of the German debate on organised crime revisited
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