Title Japan emerging : premodern history to 1850 / edited by Karl F. Friday.
Published Boulder, Colo. : Westview Press, c2012
Detail xviii, 478 p. : ill., maps ; 23 cm
Added Author Friday, Karl F
  Barnes, Gina L. Japan's Natural Setting
  Friday, Karl F. Sorting the Past
  Piggott, Joan R. Defining "Ancient" and "Classical"
  Goble, Andrew Edmund. Defining "Medieval"
  Berry, Mary Elizabeth. Defining "Early Modern"
  Aikens, C.Melvin. Origins of the Japanese People
  Teeuwen, Mark. What Used to be Called Shinto :The Question of Japanis Indigenous Religion
  Barnes, Gina L. Emergence of Political Rulership and the State in Early Japan
  Batten, Bruce L. Early Japan and the Continent
  Fuqua, Douglas. Centralization and State Formation in Sixth-and Seventh-Century Japan
  Bender, Ross. Emperor, Aristocracy, and the Ritsuryo State :Court Politics in Nara
  Adolphson, Mikael S. Oligarchy, Shared Rulership, and Power Blocs
  Adolphson, Mikael S. Aristocratic Buddhism
  Sorensen, Joseph T. Canons of Courtly Taste
  Borgen, Robert. Canons of Courtly Taste
  Bon Verschuer, Charlotte. Provinces and the Public Economy, 700-1100
  Segal, Ethan. Shoen System
  Friday, Karl F. Dawn of the Samurai
  Goble, Andrew Edmund. Kamakura Shogunate and the Beginnings of Warior Power
  Segal, Ethan. Kamakura and the Challenges of Governance
  Goble, Andrew Edmund. Go-Daigo, Takauji, and the Muromachi Shogunate
  Bodiford, William M. Medieval Religion
  Eason, David. Warriors, Warlords, and Domains
  Conlan, Thomas D. Medieval Warfare
  Chance, Linda H. Medieval Arts and Aesthetics
  Tonomura, Hitomi. Gender Relations in the Age of Violence
  Keirstead, Thomas. Rise of the Peasantry
  Segal, Ethan. Medieval Economy
  Laver, Michael. Diplomacy, Piracy, and the Space Between :Japan and East Asia in the Medieval Period
  Butler, Lee. Sixteenth-Century Reunification
  Brown, Philip. Plitical Order
  Laver, Michael. Whole New World (Order) :Early Modern Japanese Foreign Relations, 1550-1850
  Gainty, Denis. New Warriors :Samurai in Early Modern Japan
  Howell, David L. Urbanization, Trade, and Merchants
  Chance, Frank. Ukiyo asobi :Urban Arts and Entertainments in Early Modern Japan
  Ambros, Barbara. Religion in Early Modern Japan
  Walthall, Anne. Peace Dividend :Agrarian Develpments in Tokugawa Japan
  Gainty, Denis. Family, Gender, and Sex in Early Modern Japan
  Rubinger, Richard. Thought, Education, and Popular Literacies in Early Modern Japan
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