Title The Routledge companion to religion and popular culture / edited by John C. Lyden and Eric Michael Mazur.
Published Abingdon, Oxon ;New York, NY : Routledge, 2015
Detail xvii, 583 pages ; 26 cm
Added Author Bado, Nikki. Games and dolls
  Campbell, Heidi A. Internet and social networking
  Caterine, Darryl. Monuments of civil religion
  Chapman, Jennie. Popular literature
  Dutton, Edward. Fashion
  Hangen, Tona. Radio
  Hulseter, Mark. Music
  Kraemer, Christine Hoff. Comics/graphic novels
  Lyden, John C. Definitions :What is the subject matter of "religon and popular culture"?
  Lyden, John C. Film
  Lyden, John, 1959- editor
  Marsh, Clive. Protestantism
  Mazur, Eric Michael, editor
  Mazur, Eric Michael. Conversations and confessions :Who's writing about this, and why?
  Mazur, Eric Michael. Judaism
  Mitchell, Jolyon P. Journalism
  Nayar, Sheila J. Hinduism
  Newswander, Lynita K. Mormonism
  Payne, Rodger M. Roman Catholicism
  Primiano, Leonard Norman. Kitsch
  Scholes, Jeffrey. Sport
  Sheffield, Tricia. Advertising
  Shields, James Mark. Buddhism
  Siegler, Elijah. Television
  St. John, Graham. Electronic dance music events
  Taylor, Sarah McFarland. Shopping and consumption
  Vann, Jodie Ann. Contemporary Paganism
  Wagner, Rachel. Video-and Internet games
  Youmans, William Lafi. Islam
  Zeller, Benjamin E. Food and cooking
Source Types Book
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