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Title Recollecting resonances : Indonesian-Dutch musical encounters / edited by Bart Barendregt and Els Bogaerts.
Published Boston : Brill, [2013]
Detail xi, 353 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm
Added Author Barendregt, Bart A., 1968-
  Barendregt, Bart. Recollecting Resonances :Listening to an Indonesian-Dutch Musical Heritage
  Bogaerts, Els
  Brenner, Miriam L. Drummers of the Sultan of Buton :The Lasting Influence of the Dutch East India Company on Local Music Traditions
  Cohen, Matthew Isaac. Indonesian Performing Arts in the Netherlands, 1913-1944
  Djajadiningrat, Madelon. Musical Friendship :The Correspondence between Mangkunegoro VII and the Ethnomusicologist Jaap Kunst, 1919 to 1940
  Mutsaers, Lutgard. 'Barat Ketemu Timur' :Cross-Cultural Encounters and the Making of Early Kroncong History
  Notosudirdjo, R.Franki S. Musical Modernism in the Twentieth Century
  Ockhorst, Annika. Multicultural Encounters on Stage :The Use of Javanese Cultural Elements by the Surinamese Doe-Theatre Company
  Ouwehand, Liesbeth. Photographic Representations of the Performing Indonesian
  Persoon, Gerard A. 'Queen Wilhelmina, Mother of the Mentawaians' :The Dutch National Anthem in Indonesia and as Part of the Music Culture of Siberrut
  Spoorman, Rein. Tradition and Creative Inspiration :Musical Encounters of the Moluccan Communities in the Netherlands
  Steijlen, Fridus. Kollektief Muziek Theater's Repositioning of Moluccan Issues
  Sumarsam. Past and Present Issues of Javanese-European Musical Hybridity :Gendhing Mares and Other Hybrid Genres
  Van Dijk, Henk Mak. Constant van de Wall, a European-Javanese Composer
  Van Zanten, Wim. Encounters in the Context of Inspiring Sundanese Music and Problematic Theories
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