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Title Migrating texts & traditions / edited by William Sweet.
Published Ottawa : University of Ottawa Press, 2012
Detail x, 350 p. ; 23 cm
Added Author Sweet, William. Introduction: What Does It Mean for Texts and Tradition to Migrate?
  Shen, Vincent. The Megration of Aristotelian Ohilosophy to China in the 17 Century
  Hegedus, Gyongyi. The Reformulation og the Philoponean Proofs in Mediarval Jewish Thought
  Armour, Leslie. Putting Islam and 'The West' Together Again: The Philosophy of M. M. sharif
  Sweet, William. British Idealism as a Migrating Tradition
  Duvenage, Pieter. The Migration of Ideas and Afrikaans Philosophy in South Africa
  Kobayashi, Chinatsu. Heidegger, Japanese Aesthetics, and the Idea of 'Dialogue' between East and West
  Huang, Cristal. Hermeneutics and the Migration of Philosophical Traditions in East Asia
  Ganeri ,Jonardon. Dara Shukoh and the Transmission of the Upanisade to Islam
  Patrik, Linda E. A Buddhist 'good life' Theory: Santideva's Bodhicaryavatara
  Mason, Sheila. Sharing Insights: Buddhism anf Recent Aristotelian Ethics
  Hoffman, Frank J. Process Concepts of Text, Practice, and No Self in Buddhism
  McCormick, Peter J. On Being Enabled to Say What Is "Truly Real"
  Lea, David. The Philosophers of Al Andalus and European Modernity
  Leighton, Denys P. Radhakrishnan and the Construction of Philosophical Dialogue across Cultural Traditions
  Janz, Bruce B. Philosophy-in-Place and Texts Out of Place
  Huang, Kuan-Min. Migrating Texts: A Hermeneutical Perspective
  Deutsch, Eliot. Test, Rationality, and Knowledge in Indian Philosophy
  Sweet, William. Arterword: Migration: Explanation,Analysis, and Directions
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