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Title a history of popular music, social distinction and novel lifestyles (1930s-2000s) / edited by Bart Barendregt.
Published Leiden, The Netherlands ;Boston, Massachusetts : Brill, 2014
Detail xi, 375 p. : ill. (some color) ; 25 cm
Added Author Barendregt, Bart A, 1968-
  Barendregt, Bart. Sonic histories in a Southeast Asian context
  Yampolsky, Philip. Music on Dutch East Indies radio in 1938 : representations of unity, disunity, and the modern
  Putten, Jan van der. "Dirty dancing" and Malay anxieties : the changing context of Malay ronggeng in the first half of the twentieth century
  Johan, Adil. Disquieting degeneracy : policing Malaysian and Singaporean popular music culture from the mid-1960s to early-1970s
  Weintraub, Andrew N. Pop goes Melayu : Melayu popular music in Indonesia, 1968-1975
  Baulch, Emma. Pop Melayu vs. pop Indonesia : marketeers, producers and new interpretations of a genre into the 2000s
  Gjelstad, Lars. Worlds of sparkling lights : popular music and youth cultures in Solo, Central Java
  David, Bettina. Seductive pleasures, eluding subjectivities : some thoughts on dangdut's ambiguous identity
  Wallach, Jeremy. Notes on dangdut music, popular nationalism, and Indonesian islam
  Dijk, Kees van. Politicians who love to sing and politicians who detest singing
  Zanten, Wim van. Musical aspects of popular music and pop sunda in West Java
  Beng, Tan sooi. Modernizing songs of the forest : indigenous communities negotiate tensions of change in Malaysia
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