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Title Music and protest in 1968 / edited by Beate Kutschke and Barley Norton.
Published Cambridge, England ;New York : Cambridge University Press, 2013
Detail xiv, 327 p. ; 25 cm
Added Author Borio, Gianmario. Music as plea for political action : the presence of musicians in Italian protest movements around 1968
  Hill, Sarah. "This is my country" : American popular music and political engagement in '1968'
  Muller, Carol. Spontaneity and black consciousness : South Africans imagining musical and political freedom in 1960s Europe
  Mitsui, Toru. Music and protest in Japan : the rise of underground folk song in '1968'
  Norton, Barley. Vietnamese popular song in '1968' : war, protest and sentimentalism
  Fairley, Jan. "There is no revolution without song" : 'new song' in Latin America
  Bjornberg, Alf. "The power of music" : anti-authoritarian music movements in Scandinavia in '1968'
  Moore, Allan F. British rock : the short '1968', and the long
  Anderson, Virginia. '1968' and the experimental revolution in Britain
  Kutschke, Beate. Anti-authoritarian revolt by musical means on both sides of the Berlin Wall
  Ritter, Rudiger. '1968' : the emergence of a protest culture in the popular music of the Eastern Bloc?
  Yang, Hon-Lun. Gendering '1968' : womanhood in model works of the People's Republic of China and movie musicals of Hong Kong
  Rubinoff, Kailan R. A revolution in sheep's wool stockings: early music and '1968'
  Drott, Eric. Music and May 1968 in France : practices, roles, representations
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