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Title Gay shame / [edited by] David M. Halperin & Valerie Traub.
Published Chicago : University of Chicago Press, 2009
Detail x, 395 p. : ill. ; 24 cm. + 1 DVD
Added Author Halperin, David M. Beyond gay pride
  Traub, Valerie. Beyond gay pride
  Halperin, David M. Why gay shame now?
  Sedgwick, Eve Kosofsky. Shame, theatricality and queer performativity : Henry James's The art of the novel
  Crimp, Douglas. Mario Montez, for shame
  Nettleton, Taro. White-on-white : the overbearing whiteness of Warhol being
  Gonzalez, Rita. Boricua gazing : an interview with Frances Negrón-Muntaner
  Ladenson, Elisabeth. Shame on me
  Hubbs, Nadine. On the uses of shame and gifts of a bloodmobile : musings from a musical queer apprenticeship
  Caron, David. Shame on me, or the naked truth about me and Marlene Dietrich
  Hanson, Ellis. Teaching shame
  Ziv, Amalia. Shameful fantasies : cross-gender queer sex in lesbian erotic fiction
  Bersani, Leo. Excluding shame
  McRuer, Robert. Shameful sites : locating queerness and disability
  Wilkerson, Abby. Slipping
  Scholinski, Dylan. Where is the truth in painting today?
  Galloway, Terry. Tough
  Siebers, Tobin. Sex, shame and disability identity : with reference to Mark O'Brien
  Puff, Helmut. The shame of queer history/queer histories of shame
  Gould, Deborah B. The shame of gay pride in early AIDS activism
  Love, Heather K. Emotional rescue
  Chauncey, George. The trouble with shame
  Warner, Michael. Pleasures and dangers of shame
  Herrada, Julie. Shamefully gay : documents from the Labadie collection
  Retzloff, Tim. Shamefully gay : documents from the Labadie collection
  Adam, Barry D. How might we create a collectivity that we would want to belong to?
  Klein, Charles. Scandalous acts : the politics of shame among Brazilian Travesti prostitutes
  Bartlett, Neil. Plunge into your shame
  Moon, Jennifer. Gay shame and the politics of identity
  Rubin, Gayle. A little humility
  Allen, Dennis. Enactivism : the movie
  Hovey, Jaime. Enactivism : the movie
  Roof, Judith. Enactivism : the movie
  Kulick, Don. Scandalous acts : the politics of shame among Brazilian Travesti prostitutes
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