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Title Anthropology and alterity : responding to the other / edited by Bernhard Leistle.
Published New York : Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2017
Detail ix, 314 p. : ill. ; 24 cm
Added Author Leistle, Bernhard
  Leistle, Bernhard. Emergen of the Radical Other in Phenomenology
  Waldenfels, Bernhard. Paradoxes of Representing the Alien in Ethnography
  Crapanzano, Vincent. Friendly Other
  Li, Victor. "Haunted by the Aboriginal" :Theory and Its Other
  Dinovelli-Lang, Danielle. Other Otter :Relational Being at the Edge of Empire
  Mire, Amina. Otherness and Stigmatized Whiteness :Skin Whitening, Vitiligo and Albinism
  Fuchs, Thomas. Alien and the Self
  Stephan, Christopher. Intimate and Inaccessible :The Role of Asymmetry in Charismatic Christian Perceptions of God, Self and Fellow Believers
  Throop, C. Jason. Pain and Otherness, the Otherness of Pain
  Slaney, Frances M. Otherness and the Underground :Buried Treasure in the Sierra Tarahumara
  Sax, Marieka. Limits of Understanding :Empirical and Radical Otherness in the Andes
  Leistle, Bernhard. "The Order of the World" :A Responsive Phenomenology of Schreber's Memoires
  Desjarlais, Robert. Photography Tears the Subject From Itself
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