Title French masculinities : history, culture and politics / edited by Christopher E. Forth and Bertrand Taithe.
Published Basingstoke [England] ;New York : Palgrave Macmillan, 2007
Detail xi, 249 p. : ill. ; 23 cm
Added Author Forth, Christopher E
  Taithe, Bertrand
  Forth, Christopher E. French manhood in the modern world : Introduction
  Taithe, Bertrand. French manhood in the modern world : Introduction
  Villa, Anne C. Elite masculinities in eighteenth-century France
  Quinlan, Sean M. Men without women? Ideal masculinity and male sociability in the French Revolution, 1789-99
  Hughes, Michael J. Making Frenchmen into warriors : martial masculinity in Napoleonic France
  Taithe, Bertrand. Neighbourhood boys and men : the changing spaces of masculine identity in France, 1848-71
  Forth, Christopher E. La civilisation and its discontents : modernity, manhood and the body in the early Third Republic
  Aldrich, Robert 1954-. Enemies within : venereal disease and the defence of French masculinity between the wars / Judith Surkis -- Colonial man
  Pollard, Miranda. In the name of the father : male masculinities in Vichy France
  Gorrara, Claire. Revolt and recuperation : masculinities and the Roman Noir in immediate post-war France
  Sibalis, Michael. High-heels or hiking boots? Masculinity, effeminacy and male homosexuals in modern France
  O'Shaughnessy, Martin. Cinematic stardom, shifting masculinities
  Boule, Jean-Pierre. Virilite in post-war France : intellectual masculinity, Jewishness and sexual potency
  Rauch, Andre. Threatening virility in the French Banlieues, 1989-2005
Source Types Book
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