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Title This thing called music : essays in honor of Bruno Nettl / edited by Victoria Lindsay Levine, Philip V. Bohlman.
Published Lanham, Maryland : Rowman & Littlefield, [2015]
Detail xxvii, 507 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
Added Author Allison, Theresa. Recording the Life Review :A Case Study from the Medical Humanities
  Araujo, Samuel. Guerra-Peixe, Cold War Politics, and Ethnomusicology in Barzil, 1950-1952
  Blum, Stephen. Persian Radif in Relation to the Tajik-Uzbek Sasmaqom
  Bohlman, Philip V., 1952- editor
  Bohlman, Philip Vilas. In Search of Music's Intimate Moments
  Campbell, Partricia Shehan. Music in the Culture of Children
  Capwell, Charles. Music, Modernity, and Islam in Indonesia
  Davis, Martha Ellen. Oral History, Musical Biography, and Historical Ethnomusicology
  Diamond, Beverley. Douableness of Sound in Canada's Indian Residential Schools
  Fiol, Stefan. One Hundred Years of Indian Folk Music :The Evolution of a Concept
  Frisbie, Charlotte J. "Clubbing the Boots" :The Navajo Moccasin Game in Today's World
  Garfias, Robert. Saz Semaisi in Evcara by Dilhayat Kalfa and the Turkish Makam after the Ottoman Golden Age
  Goertzen, Chris. Mississippi Choctaw Fair and Veteran's Day Powwow :Music, Dance, and Layers of Identity
  Haefer, J. Richard. Textural Relationships between O'odham Story and Song
  Hatton, Orin. When You Do This, I'll Hear You :Gros Ventre Songs and Supernatural Power
  Jurkova, Zuzana. Bohemian Traces in the World of Ethnomusicology
  Keller, Marcello Sorce. Emperor's New Clothes :Why Musicologies Do Not Always Wish to Know All They Could Know
  Kinderman, William. Music Scholarship and Politics in Munich, 1918-1945
  Koch, Lars-Christian. Permutation as a Basic Concept of Raga Elaboration in North Indian Music
  Lau, Frederick. Rise Up and Dream :New Work Songs for the New China
  Levine, Victoria Lindsay, 1954- editor
  Levine, Victoria Lindsay. Regional Songs in Local and Translocal Spaces :The Duck Dance Revisited
  Liebersohn, Harry. Harry Partch and Jacques Barzun :A Historical-Musical Duet on the Subject "Western Civ"
  Nettl, Bruno, 1930- honouree
  Neuman, Daniel M. Times They Are a-Changin'
  Racy, A. J. Comparative Musicologists in the Field :Reflections on the Cairo Congress of Arab Music, 1932
  Russell, Melinda. Finding and Recovering Musicality in a College Folk Music Class
  Sarkissian, Margaret. St. Peter and the Santarinas :Celebrating Traditions over Time in Malacca, Malaysia
  Schneider, Albrecht. Aspects of Sound Recording and Sound Analysis
  Schultz, Anna. Performing Translation in Jewish India :Kirtan of the Bene Israel
  Seeger, Anthony. Ethnomusicological Marginalia :On Reading Charles Seegar Reading The Anthropology of Music
  Shiloah, Amnon. Passages on Music in the Accounts of Medieval
  Slawek, Stephen. Urge to Merge :Are Cross-Cultural Collaborations Destroying Hindustani Music?
  Solis, Gabriel. Transpacific Excursions :Multi-Sited Ethnomusicology, The Black Pacific, and Nettl's Comparative (Method)
  Thompson, Gordon. Reconstructing Abbey Road :History and Mnemohistory in Memories of Working with the Beatles
  Turino, Thomas. On Theory and Models :How to Make Our Ideas Clear
  Yampolsky, Philip. Commercial 78s :A Rediscovered Resource for Ethnomusicology
  Yoshitaka, Terada. Fusion Music in South India
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