Title Writing material culture history / edited by Anne Gerritsen and Giorgio Riello.
Published London : Bloomsbury Academic, an imprint of Bloomsbury Publishing Plc, 2015
Detail xiv, 338 pages ; 24 cm
Added Author Riello, Giorgio, editor
  Gerritsen, Anne, editor
  Coltman, Viccy. Material Culture and History of Art(efacts)
  Choi, Kee Il. Father Amiot's Cup : a Qing Imperial Porcelain Sent to the Court of Louis XV
  Richardson, Catherine. Written Texts and the Performance of Materiality
  Gaimster, David. Material Culture, Archaeology and Defining Modernity : Case Studies in Ceramic Research
  Hood, Suzanne Findlen. Broken Objects : Using Archaeological Ceramics in the Study of Material Culture
  O'Connor, Kaori. Anthropology, Archaeology, History and the Material Culture of Lycra
  Adams, Kathleen M. Identity, Heritage and Memorialization : The Toraja Tongkonan of Indonesia
  Leibsohn, Dana. Exchange and Value : The Material Culture of a Chumash Basket
  Gerritsen, Anne. Spaces of Global Interactions : The Material Landscapes of Global History
  Hellmich, Christina. Cosmopolitan Relationships in the Crossroads of the Pacific Ocean
  Cavallo, Sandra. Invisible Beds : Health and the Material Culture of Sleep
  Dennis, Flora. Material Culture and Sound : A Sixteenth-Century Handbell
  Styles, John. Objects of Emotions : The London Foundling Hospital Tokens, 1741-1760
  Martin, Ann Smart. Lustrous Things : Luminosity and Reflection before the Light Bulb
  Lehmann, Ulrich. Material History : The French Revolution in Wallpaper
  Kelley, Victoria. Time, Wear and Maintenance : The afterlife of things
  Charpy, Manuel. How Things Shape Us : Material Culture and Identity in the Industrial Age
  Lasser, Ethan W. Return of the Wunderkammer : Material Culture in the Museum
  Miller, Lesley Ellis. Europe, 1600-1800, in a Thousand Objects
  McAleer, John. Objects of Empire : Museums, Material Culture, and Histories of Empire
  Hallett, Jessica. Interwoven Knowledge : Understanding and Conservating of Three Carpets
  Santos, Raquel.Interwoven Knowledge : Understanding and Conservating of Three Carpets
  Sargentson, Carolyn. Reading and Writing the Restoration History of an Old French bureau
  Eastop, Dinah. History by Design : The UK Board of Trade Design Register
  Greig, Hannah. As Seen on the Screen : Material Culture, Historical Accuracy and the Costume Drama
  Adamson, Glenn. Handle with Care : The Future of Curatorial Expertise
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