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Title Basudara stories of peace from Maluku : working together for reconciliation / editors: Jacky Manuputty, Zairin Salampessy, Ihsan Ali-Fauzi and Irsyad Rafsadi ; translated by Hilreza Syaranamual.
Published Clayton, Vic. Monash University Publishing, 2017
Detail xxiv, 343 pages : maps ; 24 cm
Added Author Rafsadi, Irsyad, editor
  Salampessy, Zairin, 1968- editor
  Syaranamual, Hilreza, translator
  Manuputty, Jacky, editor
  Ali-Fauzi, Ihsan, 1965- editor
  Fofid, Rudi. Thousands of Headlines without Deadlines
  Salampessy, Zairin. Sticking to Principles
  Pinontoan, Novi. I Covered a Story, I Told the Story, I Wept
  Pesiwarissa, Dian. Lesson for Peace in Maluku
  Umahuk, Dino. Holding onto Beliefs
  Tunny, M. Azis. Traces of Encounters
  Hendriks, I. W. J. When the Church Speaks Out
  Manuputty, Jacky. Turning Point on the Road of Basudara Relationships
  Johannes, Weslly. Footsteps Leading to Encounters
  Maspaitella, Elifax Tomix. Two of Abraham's Children :A Snippet from the Fajar Hidup Vicarage
  Sandia, Zainal Arifin. Meeting Point on a Different Corner :Notes on Encounters in Makassar
  Wakano, Abidin. Developing Peace when Dialogue became Dead-locked
  Papilaja, M. J. Policy of Restoring Peace of Mind
  Tawainela, M. Noor. When the Conscience Speaks
  Gaspersz, Steve. Maluku Ashamed
  Litaay, Theofransus. When the Nation is Silent
  Sangadji, Almudatsir Z. Tragedy at the Crossroads of Transition
  Ely, Thamrin. When Politics Speaks
  Syaranamual, Hilary. We are All Brothers and Sisters
  Lakembe, Sandra. Peace Is Just One Breath Away
  Silitonga, Inggrid. Story of a Little Campaigner for Peace in Maluku
  S., Tiara Melinda A. Why Mus Religion Divide Us?
  Souisa, Mancy. Letter to a Dear Friend
  Manuputty, Jacky. Gandong'ee, Let's Sing!
  Panggabean, Rizal. Positive Avoidance, Segregation and Communal Cooperation in Maluku
  Watloly, Aholiab. Stories with a Million Dimensions
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