Title Between humanities and the digital / edited by Patrik Svensson and David Theo Goldberg.
Published Cambridge, Massachusetts ;London, England : The MIT Press, [2015]
Detail xii, 574 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
Added Author Svensson, Patrik, editor
  Goldberg, David Theo, editor
  Sterne, Jonathan. Example : some historical considerations
  Liu, Alan. Humanities in the digital age
  Thomas, William G. Humanities in the digital age
  Mukerji, Chandra. Me? A digital humanist?
  Presner, Todd. Critical theory and the mangle of digital humanities
  Jenkins, Henry. "Does this technology serve human purposes?" A "necessary conversation" with Sherry Turkle
  Drucker, Johanna. Humanist computing at the end of the individual voice and the authoritative text
  Shah, Nishant. Beyond infrostructure : re-humanizing digital humanities in India
  Cong-Huyen, Anne. Toward a transnational Asian/American digital humanities : a #transformDH invitation
  Bogost, Ian. Beyond the elbow-patched playground
  Davidson, Cathy N. Why yack needs hack (and vice versa) : from digital humanities to digital literacy
  Siemen, Ray. Toward problem-based modeling in the digital humanities
  Sayers, Jentery. Toward problem-based modeling in the digital humanities
  Goldberg, David Theo. Deprovincializing digital humanities
  Trettien, Whitney Anne. Circuit-bending history : sketches toward a digital schematic
  Lindhe, Cecilia. Medieval materiality through the digital lens
  Montfort, Nick. Computational literature
  Ng, Jenna. Cut between us : digital remix and the expression of self
  Hjorth, Larissa. Locating the mobile and social : a preliminary discussion of camera phones and locative media
  Olofsson, Jennie. "Did you mean 'Why are women cranky?'" Google -- a means of inscription, a means of de-inscription?
  Guldi, Jo. Time wars of the twentieth century and the twenty-first century toolkit : the history and politics of longue-duree thinking as a prelude to the digital analysis of the past
  Heng, Geraldine. Experiment in collaborative humanities : envisioning globalities 500-1500 CD
  Widner, Michael. Experiment in collaborative humanities : envisioning globalities 500-1500 CD
  Hutchings, Tim. Digital humanities and the study of religion
  Fort, Maurizio. Cyber archaeology : a post-virtual perspective
  Phillips, Natalie. Literature, neuroscience, and digital humanities
  Rachman, Stephen. Literature, neuroscience, and digital humanities
  Svensson, Patrik. Humanistiscope -- exploring the situatedness of humanities infrastructure
  Parks, Lisa. "Stuff you can kick" : toward a theory of media infrastructures
  Kirschenbaum, Matthew. Distant mirrors and the LAMP
  Nowviskie, Bethany. Resistance in the materials
  Earhart, Amy E. Digital humanities as a laboratory
  Seed, Patricia. Map is not a picture : how the digital world threatens the validity of printed maps
  Frank, Zephyr. Spatial history as scholarly practice
  Losh, Elizabeth. Utopian pedagogies : teaching from the margins of the digital humanities
  Gonzalez, Jennifer. Face and the public : race, secrecy, and digital art practice
  Fitzpatrick, Kathleen. Scholarly publishing in the digital age
  Dahlstrom, Mats. Critical Transmission
  McPherson, Tara. Post-archive : the humanities, the archive, and the database
  Hayles, N. Katherine. Final commentary : a provocation
Source Types Book
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