Title Religion and psychotherapy in modern Japan / edited by Christopher Harding, Iwata Fumiaki, and Yoshinaga Shin'ichi.
Published London ;New York : Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2014
Detail xviii, 300 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
Added Author Harding, Christopher, 1978- editor
  Harding, Christopher. Religion and psychotherapy in modern Japan :a four-phase view
  Akira, Hashimoto. Psychiatry and religion in modern Japan :
  Shin'ichi, Yoshinaga. Birth of Japanese mind cure methods
  Kyoichi, Kondo. Mind and healing in Morita therapy
  Kenji, Kitanishi. Mind and healing in Morita therapy
  Fumiaki, Iwata. Dawning of Japanese psychoanalysis :Kosawa Heisaku's therapy and faith
  Yasunori, Ando. Doi Takeo and the development of the 'Amae' theory
  Susumu, Shimazono. From salvation to healing :Yoshimoto Naikan therapy and its religious origins
  Kazuyoshi, Terao. Naikan and mourning :a Catholic attempt at Naikan meditation
  Shigehiro, Tarutani. Kawai Hayao's transnational identity and Japanese spirit
  Norrichika, Horie. Contemporary view of reincarnation in Japan :narratives of the reincarnating self
  Ryoko, Shiotsuki. Society accpting of spirit possession :mental health and shamanism in Okinawa
  Yozo, Taniyama. Chaplaincy work in disaster areas
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